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Our service welcomes everyone, no matter who you are.

Banking Options
Connect with Banks that are ready to serve you in the country of your destination.
Tailored Insurance for you
Everyone is unique, Ocyan helps you to connect with the right insurance provider that understands your needs.
Your first new Mobile contract
New life, new phone. Expats need to be flexible and always connected, we get it. This is why we are making sure that you have the right options.
Credit Options
Connect with financing options and connect with lenders. Use the credit score of your home country!
Pet insurance
Are you relocating with your your pet? Find options that match your needs.
Your relocation buddy!
Find resources and information for all your questions. Connect with relocation experts and providers that can help you.
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Be more like Alice

Alice is an expat that has recently moved from the UK to Germany. Like every new joiner, she would struggle to open a bank account, rent a place to live or even get a new mobile contract. But with Ocyan, she managed to connect with the local businesses immediately and continue her awesome life.


Why do expats feel underserved in Europe?

The main driver for the population move in Europe is to access new opportunities. So the majority of new joiners wish to continue their lifestyle with easy and fast access to credit, banking, insurance, investment and other services.

Feel like a local from day one

With Ocyan you can receive offers and services from local businesses, based on the profile of your home country.

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