Ocyan is the platform that provides you all the necessary services to create mobile, IoT and web applications without the hassle to maintain an infrastructure.

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User Management

Manage your users, and provide them a secure access with a secure login from within your App (with OAuth2).

Datastore & Database

Store your data, and never worry about scalability ever again. Access your entries via out-of the box APIs with PouchDB, or via a friendly Web RESTfull API.

Geospatial Indexing

Index and search for your data based on Geolocation queries.

Logic Blocks

Execute your custom Logic blocks, by either accessing them as webhooks, or ignite them as Database triggers.

Task Scheduling

Set intervals of execution for your code, in order to execute bespoke tasks, or consume third-party APIs and aggregate the results.

Push Notifications

Reach your audience by sending native mobile messages.

Messaging for IoT

Trigger events in your cloud infrastructure based on Messaging interactions.

Monitoring & Metrics

Ocyan is generating metrics out-of the box for all of the resources that you use, so you can run your analysis.

Blockchain events

Bind your backend logic to Events of public blockchains, and execute your backend set-up reactively.

Cloud Marketplace

Sell your solutions to Ocyan’s marketplace and benefit from a payment policy that you decide.

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