Cloud-Native Managed Blockchain

Cloud-Native Analytics and Infrastructure for Enterprise-ready Blockchain Applications.

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Blockchain for Digital Transformation

Gain rapid scale-up for your blockchain integration.

End-to-end observability

Gain deep cost, performance & application insights.

No manual instrumentation

Scale your integrations to any DLT network.

Reduce Complexity

Abstract the complexity of connecting to any DLT.

Solution Overview

Discover scalable and secure solutions that will empower you to achieve your business and client success.

Key Features

  • Cloud Native integration - Storage,Data Pipeline,Computing, Identity
  • Support of multiple DLT protocols (Hyperledger, Ethereum and others)
  • Alerting,Scheduling &Monitoring
  • Analytics & Business Insights

Main Use cases

  • As a cloud integration between Open DLT networks
  • As a platform facilitator between DLT consortia
  • As a monitoring & analytics solution for private or public networks
  • As a rapid prototype platform for Blockchain Labs & CoEteams

Partnership Network

  • Deploy your bespoke clients' deliverables in a standardized platform
  • Much better profit margin & re-licensing revenue
  • Deliver better value to your client
  • Guaranteed SLA & support for the core platform
  • Knowledge-base on how to extend Ocyan to bespoke use-cases

Your Platform

Blockchain Automation within your premises

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