What we can do for you

Cloud Optimisation

Ocyan provides to your team an optimal cloud infrastructure solution that enables your team to only focus their development on the business aspects of your application.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Your blockchain infrastructure is only one click away, with Ocyan you can deploy as many private or public projects in a blockchain infrastructure that fits your needs the best.

Backend Provision

Ocyan is responsible to provision a backend on demand, tailored to your needs. All you need to do is tp provide your application specifications, and we will provide you the connection details on how use your new backend.


In your zero-setup dashboard, you can have a complete picture of your infrastructure performance. Using your metrics dashboard, you can configure your custom allerting and events logic.

Save Development time

When partnering with Ocyan and zeroVertex you can save up on your development time & cost, and focus on the things that requires the most of your attention; your own business application.

Business Support

Our team is always here to help! We will support you, and do our best to enable your business to jump into new innovations, with a guarantee of success.

We are here to help!

We can help your Organisation to enable and understand new technology innovations so you can expand your business to new opportunities. We will support you to build your prototype and guide you to scale it to your needs.

Cloud Architecture

The zeroVertex team can work with you in order to deliver a platform architecture optimal and tailored to your needs.

Engage Blockchain

We work closely with your team in order to guide you and enable your business to reach the max potentials.