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What are the advantages?

Move your money on the go, anywhere anytime.

1Different banking options
in one place
2Start saving and earning at the same time with your bank account
3ATM – Free cash withdrawals abroad/ Anmeldung not required

Your Bank Account

Ocyan gives accelerated access to banking and it’s easier than you thinkThrough Ocyan you have access to different banking options in one place. For free.

Expats usually move abroad to work, study or reunite with their family. Considering all these reasons, you may have saved some money for the early needs. To secure your nest egg, you need to find an easy and quick way to get your first saving account. There is no need to get hassled with tons of paperwork and week-long waits to open a bank account.

We recognise the importance of choosing the right banking partner. You can rely upon our trustworthy partners.

Bitwala and Bunq boast a service of online banking, each with their own features. Explore the two banking options:

  1. Bitwala

Bitwala offers you the bank account of the future – today.

Open your free bank account for everyday savings and payments. What’s more? You can start saving and earning with your bank account at the same time. With integrated wallets, you can send and receive bitcoin and ether easily.

With the Bitwala app, you can invest in cryptocurrencies directly from your bank account. Start banking, investing and earning all in one app. Let’s find out how to make your way through your crypto wallet.

Bank account

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Bitwala offers a free German Bank account with direct access to buy/sell/trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. We also have a Bitcoin interest account through which you can earn approximately 4.74% APY interest on your Bitcoin.


One App, Many Features: Banking, Crypto Trading and Investing

Buy bitcoin or ether with just a few taps.The interest account allows you to earn from your bitcoin. Watch your coins grow in real-time and cash out whenever you like. Get paid every Monday directly to your wallet.

Get a bank account

How to get started

It’s free. Fast. Easy.

  1. Create an account – Create your free account and follow the onboarding steps.

  2. Verify your identity – Once you’ve onboarded, jump on a quick video call to verify your identity.

  3. Just start – Start mobile banking, trading and investing all in one app.

To know more about Bitwala read the article below

Get a bank account with Bitwala

2. Bunq

Bunq allows you to open your bank account in minutes. It’s a simple procedure that just requires your mobile phone or laptop. You can open your bank account anywhere and any time of day in just a few minutes. Once your account is opened, you can do all your everyday banking tasks from a simple mobile app.

Bunq has a tailored section for Expats and non-residents to meet their needs.

Get a bank account in Germany

You don’t need to be a resident to open your bank account.

You can create your account in minutes:

  1. Provide few information

  2. Create a secure PIN

  3. Verify your identity – the verification process is simple and can be done either by a photo of your ID and selfie or a video call with customer service.

        Just start

The other highlights of this bank account are

  • Unlike traditional banks who charge up to 3% when using your card for other currencies, Bunq charges no fee.

  • You enjoy the advantage of free ATM withdrawals globally and global coverage with Maestro and Mastercard.

  • Enjoy cross-border banking when you travel the world with Bunq.

  • Send money with TransferWise and always enjoy the real exchange rate.

Get a bank account online for free

Access Bunq through Ocyan means having several advantages. Ocyan is the only financial marketplace for expats that helps you build a clear financial credibility for future lending. Read more about your credit score here.


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