Last updated: 4th of August 2020

Without in any way limiting our Privacy Policy and End User Terms and Conditions Agreement, the following disclaimers also apply (to the extent permitted by law):

Offers, Discounts and Affiliate links

While we take all reasonable steps to ensure that offers to you that we receive from providers, and discounts via the Ocyan website and services are presented accurately and are up-to-date, you acknowledge that:

  • we rely on information provided by providers;
  • offers and discounts can also change from time to time after they appear on the Ocyan website; and
  • we do not accept responsibility for any information given by the provider to you, including information about any offer or discount.

Credit Reports

If you use Ocyan to access Credit and Financial Information, we do not represent that any debt identified on a credit report represents all amounts owing by you to all or to any particular lender. For example (without limitation):

  • your personal credit report only covers debt that satisfies the criteria for “Credit Defaults” under the Privacy Laws;
  • additional interest and default fees may have accrued on your debt); and
  • you may have made payments to a lender which the lender has not yet notified to the Credit Reporting Body.

Not financial, legal or tax advice

We do not provide any personal financial, legal or tax advice and we express no opinion on your debt repayment and debt management. Any content featured on our website and services is of a general and informative nature only. You must consider your own individual circumstances before acting upon any of the information featured on the website. You should seek advice from an appropriately qualified financial adviser before making any decision in relation to repayment of a debt if you need assistance.