Ocyan's multi-function, multi-environment platform provides the foundation for blockchain integrations across leading FinTech companies. Find out what makes Ocyan different from other blockchain infrastructure solutions:

Enterprise grade

Ocyan is a cloud-native platform that provides the complete enterprise environment for corporations. This allows the integration of cloud and legacy services with any kind of blockchain by being completely protocol (DLT) and infrastructure agnostic. We provide all the required automation, monitoring, infrastructure, integration and analytics.

Protocol and Cloud Agnostic

We have recognised the market's need to interchangeably use multiple blockchains and switch between different protocols based on the application needs or the consortium they have joined. Ocyan's abstraction middleware allows you to operates the same no matter the network you have joined.

Empowering Open Source

Enterprises need support to run Open Source software along with their existing processes and legacy applications. Ocyan's Open Enterprise Software guarantees their uptime, integrations, automation and required inter-operability of systems that need to work together.

One Platform. Many Applications

End-to-end cloud-native managed blockchain nodes,with an uptime SLA.

Serverless Blockchain Analytics

Connect the DLT traffic to your data-pipeline backend, and receive events from smart-contracts to low-level monitoring data such as transactions, blocks and other network-specific metrics.

Consortium Management

Control your role and participation in an enterprise blockchain consortium network. Get notified with any significant event that takes place on the network traffic, and update your configuration with one-click upgradability.

Legacy Integrations

Connect the traffic that takes place on any blockchain network to any backoffice service such as Oracle, SAP and other SQL or web-services backends.

On-Prem Platform

Install Ocyan on-prem and be the master of your own data and security constraints.

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Ocyan has been used to successfully scale, manage & deploy blockchain and DLT applications within the FinTech, Logistics, Energy, Oil and Gas and Telecom (TMT) industries.

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