Getting Started with Ocyan

End-to-End Solution for Enterprise Blockchains

Scaling and integrating blockchains with legacy and cloud services

Ocyan (^oʊs'i:ɑ:-n) is a Cloud Operating System that deploys all the required infrastructure, automation, monitoring, security and data integration components to run any blockchain and P2P (Peer to Peer) network on any corporate production environment (always on-prem).

Industry challenge

The need for scalable blockchain infrastructure continues to grow as organisations invest more into decentralized integrations. Legacy and in-house solutions don?t provide the required scale and insight. Merging new blockchain applications with existing technologies is complicated. There is a need for a platform that allows existing business operations to interact with any decentralized environment.

Ocyan's solution

Ocyan provides the complete enterprise environment for any kind of blockchain application. Being tech agnostic allows us to easily integrate with existing legacy and cloud services and build new integrations to any blockchain network. We provide an end-to-end solution, including infrastructure, automation,monitoring, integration and analytics.

  • End-to-end Integrations: Production-ready infrastructure for blockchain applications and connected integrations. Scale automatically and develop a visual of your applications.
  • Blockchain Consortia: Manage your integration to any blockchain consortium, Ocyan templates and integrates all the required operations. Flexibility to switch to a different protocol anytime.
  • Data Pipeline & Analytics: Understand your product, analyse the traffic and usage of your application in the network. Gain deep cost, performance and application insights.

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Ocyan has been used to successfully scale, manage & deploy blockchain and DLT applications within the FinTech, Logistics, Energy, Oil and Gas and Telecom (TMT) industries.

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