Subscription Plan

One Platform. Many Uses. Designed for Your Needs

Ocyan is a license subscription model, tailored to your specific needs. Cloud Managed provides a server-less managed version hosted in the Ocyan cloud premises with access to a set of basic features via the HTTP API. Bronze and Silver provide advanced management for core blockchain applications. We also offer distributions designed around how you are using the platform, including blockchain analytics; serverless API, webservices and backoffice integrations.

If you are interested for any of the below plan, contact Sales.

Cloud ManagedBronzeSilverPlatinum
IBM, GCP, Alicloud, Data Centre--XX
Stellar, EthereumXXXX
R3, Hyperledger, QuorumXXXX
Bandwidth & hourly usage costX---
Monthly licence cost-XXX
CLI & Terraform Provider--XX
Monitoring & AlertsaddOnaddOnaddOnX
Backoffce Integrations-addOnaddOnX

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Ocyan has been used to successfully scale, manage & deploy blockchain and DLT applications within the FinTech, Logistics, Energy, Oil and Gas and Telecom (TMT) industries.

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