Why Ocyan

With Ocyan you can deploy a network of nodes within an enterprise cloud environment, and skip the whole complexity of provisioning a secure and scalable service for your blockchain application.

You can consider Ocyan if you are interested to receive any of the following benefits:

  • Vastly reduce the cost and complexity of deploying a production-ready service on a Cloud environment
  • You want to achive a better team utilisation, be able to deliver more projects
  • Agility of deployments; the uptime and integration SLA is managed by someone else
  • Integration solutions; with the back-office services to your DLT nodes

We support networks such as: Hyperledger/Fabric, Ethereum, quorum, Corda, Stellar, IPFS, BigchainDB.

We Focus on the Infrastructure

Ocyan is an innovated solution that deploys an end-to-end managed platform on-premises of your enterprise cloud or data centre infrastructure. Powered by the latest and cutting-edge microservice-driven architecture, developers can connect to their blockchain network using standard HTTP or websockets endpoints. Through our API suite you will always receive the latest network updates and service availability during all network changes.

Data Pipeline for Managed Integrations

Once Ocyan starts managing your blockchain and P2P resources, you are able to access the traffic in your network though our managed Data-pipeline API. Through this API we provide additional managed integration to your back-office services, so you won't have to.

Focus in what matters, developing your application

Our focus is to provide a simple and reliable solution to deploy your infrastructure. Using Ocyan lets you spend more time developing what matters the most to your users.

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Ocyan has been used to successfully scale, manage & deploy blockchain and DLT applications within the FinTech, Logistics, Energy, Oil and Gas and Telecom (TMT) industries.

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