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When you move to a new country with less or no knowledge of the language spoken there, finding and navigating basic necessities can be intimidating. Ideally, we get to know about doctors in the city we live through word-of-mouth or by visiting one closest to us. People come to Germany for education and work from all over the world, so it’s reasonable for expats to not know German.

Ocyan has made a checklist of the best doctors in Germany, listed by location, medical specialisation, and spoken languages. Whether you speak Italian, English, French, Greek or Turkish, we have compiled a list of the best doctors in top German cities. You’ll also find some doctors speaking Spanish, Russian and Polish.

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The health insurance recommended by doctors in Germany

The year 2020 has been an eye-opener for everyone around the world regarding the importance of health coverage. This COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown how unpredictable medical exigencies can be. Add to this the escalating expense of doctor’s visits, medical tests, hospitalisation, and medicines, and you can be in a complete mess. By availing of health insurance, you can protect yourself and your family against the financial strain in case of any medical emergency. This is where Ocyan comes into the picture. Having health insurance coverage through Ocyan enables you to access the best healthcare without worrying about the expenses involved.

Germany has two types of health insurance systems – private and public. You must opt for one of these two systems during your stay in the country. Techniker Krankenkasse or TK is the best and the largest public insurance provider in the country. It is one of those top companies that provides benefits for expats. TK has been named Germany’s best health insurance fund by Focus Money business magazine.

TK health insurance in Germany offers several advantages such as:

  • Online application in English

  • TK Europe service: insured in Germany and abroad

  • Family covered with just one contribution

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