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Get Your Driving Licence in Germany

Getting a driving licence in Germany not only makes it easier to rent cars in the EU, but also allows you to enjoy the scenic view of the countryside. The German road system is the second largest in the world, indeed.

A driving licence in Germany is extremely worthwhile if you plan to relocate. That’s because public transportation in some parts of the country can be very crowded. Add to it, traveling in public transportation can be a bummer if you have children, especially in bad weather. Therefore, getting a German driving licence or transferring it is highly recommended.

If you have already moved to Germany or you’re considering relocating to the country, read the article below to know everything about German driving licence – documents required for transferring your licence, how to get a German one and the cost. But don’t forget about your coverage. It is an important aspect you should not underestimate.

When driving a car, unwanted accident may happen causing a financial crisis. Unintentional mistakes can cost you thousands or even millions in claims! Don’t be alarmed. Ocyan aims to provide expats the best solution for their needs. You can easily cover such claims with minimal insurance amounts, usually paid monthly or annually.

Private liability insurance helps out if the insured person causes physical or material damage to another person. Therefore, we have compared some of the major insurance policy providers in Germany and we suggest Coya as the best insurance provider for expats. Coya is focused on maximum convenience for their customers. It’s digital, flexible and affordable.

Coya insures their customers up to €30 million and the cherry on top is that you can get insurance cover for your rented vehicles as well. Among other remarkable advantages, you can benefit from:

  • Free on line quote

  • Get insured in 2 minutes

  • Claim in seconds

  • Cancel anytime

  • Tailored policies

  • No additional papers

All of this is possible by accessing Coya for free through Ocyan and benefit from special discounts.

For any further information about Coya read the articles below.


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