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What are the advantages?

One provider, many services

1Special discounts for new customers
2Special Christmas Offer
3O2 Home tariffs available as a contract or flex version

Mobile contract and Internet Access

Ocyan understands that staying connected with the world is crucial. More than ever, working remotely has brought new necessities in terms of DSL or data.
What’s more, expats usually join fellow communities to make new friends and create new memories. Commenting, tagging and sharing moments about their new life is fun and trendy.

Ocyan helps you stay connected, the moment you start your new adventure.
Through Ocyan you can access O2 Deutschland.
Your move to a different country / abroad can be expensive. We recognise the importance of choosing the right connection that stays in your budget.
That’s why Ocyan has chosen O2 as a mobile contract partner. We guarantee wide coverage and moderate costs.

Access O2 through Ocyan and discover all the advantages:

Always Exclusive mobile contract offers for:

  • young people
  • self-employed
  • 60 plus

One provider, many services:

  • Cell Phones & Tablets with a contract
  • Rates
  • DSL & landline
  • Homespot
  • Tv

Christmas deal

At o2 there is a really cheap annual rate for casual surfers, travelers, or for those who finally want to get a Christmas present early enough!

O2 my prepaid internet-to-go

  • 30 GB LTE data volume for € 49.99 one-time
  • No monthly costs and no cancellation required
  • Includes EU roaming
  • Optional: Huawei Mini WLAN router for a one-time charge of € 30

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