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Get Pet Insurance. Ocyan welcomes expats and their exPETs 🐾

What are the advantages?

1Personalised policies for your pet
2Rouhgly €7 per month, no additional costs
3Zero paper, cancel any time

Dog Liability Insurance & Pet Health Insurance

Want to relocate along with your Pet? For many of us, our furry friends are family without whom life is often unimaginable. It is important to plan their travel before you move, to avoid any last minute obstacle.

It is mandatory to get dog insurance – Hundehaftpflichtversicherung or other animals insurance in some German states. In other states, it is highly recommended to get your domestic animal insured before your move.
Get pet health insurance to cover your vet bills or dog liability cover to protect against any damages that can be caused by your companion – he really just wanted to play!-

Ocyan compared pet insurance companies and chose Coya to get your pets covered.

Pet Insurance in GermanyYou can apply for Dog Liability Cover Or Pet Health Insurance in just a few minutes from your mobile or laptop. Accessing through Ocyan allows you to get a free quote + 15€ monthly discount.

What are the advantages?

  • Personalized policies for your pet

  • No additional payments

  • Cancel any time

  • Zero paper

  • Roughly 7 € monthly fee

Want to Relocate With Your Pet to Germany? 5 Things You Must Know!

Pet Insurance Types

Pet Liability Insurance

The dog liability insurance is like a private liability insurance for dogs. It covers dog owners against physical or material damage caused by their four-legged friend. Damages up to €30 million are covered.

Best Pet insurance in Germany

Pet Health Insurance

The newly launched pet health insurance provides coverage for dogs as well as cats, in case they fall ill. Coya offers basic surgery insurance and premium insurance that covers extra veterinary costs. Add-ons like these can be bought for each of the offered products. They give the customer the possibility to personalize their insurance coverage and to adapt it exactly to their needs. All details of the Coya insurances can be viewed any time in the insurance conditions in the digital dashboard.

Best Pet Health Insurance in Germany

Ocyan welcomes expats and their exPETs 🐾

If you’re looking for a doggy day care in Berlin, we have a surprise for you. Those living in the capital can meet the professional dog sitters at Dogabel who will be introducing your dog(s) to their playful pack. What else? At Dogabel you can benefit from a free trial day that normally costs € 30-40 depending on the dog size.

DM Ocyan on our Facebook page to request the free trial day by clicking below and type “Dogabel Trial Day + your email address“. You’ll immediately receive an email that explains how it works along with the free coupon to show to the staff at Dogabel. 🐶

If you don’t have Facebook, send an email to providing the same information.


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