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What are the advantages?

One provider, multiple insurance policies

1Liability Insurance
2Bike Insurance
3Pet Insurance

Your Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance protects you if you have caused physical or material damage to others. Your private liability insurance covers everyday risks in your private life, which could cause damage to third parties, their stuff or finances. Third parties are people who are not insured in your contract and make claims for damages against you or a co-insured person.

Coya is the liability insurance provider that Ocyan has chosen.
Access Coya through Ocyan and discover all the advantages:

  • Free online quote
  • Get insured in 2 minutes
  • Claim in seconds
  • Cancel anytime
  • Worldwide access
  • Family protection
  • Rented Vehicle

Bike Insurance

Transportation system in Germany is well organised. Its efficiency relies on a network of trams, trains, buses, and metro.
Cycling is another popular mode of transportation as it helps avoid traffic and parking hassles.There are more than 250 long-distance cycling routes in Germany, therefore the bike is a perfect solution for both daily transfer and long distance journeys.
There has been a sizable surge in the number of commuters cycling to work and for their leisure as the cycle paths and cycle routes have improved.
In order to take stress-free trips, do not forget to insure your bike against damages. It’s time to hit the road!

Ocyan has chosen Coya as a bike theft insurance provider.
Access Coya through Ocyan and discover all the advantages:

  • Simple and quick sign up
  • Fixed coverage
  • Cancel anytime
  • Zero paper

Pet Insurance

Want to relocate along with your Pet? For many of us, our furry friends are family without whom life is often unimaginable. It is important to plan their travel before you move, to avoid any last minute obstacle.
Our four- legged friends need the same attention and care as any human.
It is mandatory to get dog insurance – Hundehaftpflichtversicherung or other animals insurance in some German states. In other states, it is highly recommended to get your domestic animal insured before your move.
Get pet medical insurance to cover your vet bills or protect against any damages that can be caused by your companion – he really just wanted to play!- and for the times when you are confronted with financial claims from third parties.

Ocyan compared pet insurance companies and chose Coya to get your pet covered.
Access Coya through Ocyan and benefit from a free online quote in only 2 minutes.
What are the advantages?

  • personalized policies for your pet
  • no additional payments
  • cancel any time
  • zero paper
  • roughly 7 € monthly fee

If you are wondering…

  • How much does pet insurance cost?
  • Which is the best pet insurance?
  • Where can I find pet insurance in Germany for my cat?

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