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Home sweet home

Searching for the best housing solution in Germany is no small feat! Being an expat means living far from your loved ones. Coming back to a comfortable place at the end of the day it is beyond a price tag. We understand that having your own space to hang your memories on the walls and decorate with your favourite belongings is very important for you.
Maybe you won’t find the right dwelling as soon as you arrive. You’ll live in some temporary rooms and you might share a flat during your early days with transitory flatmates.

Moreover, what if you find the perfect housing solution but you can’t afford it because it’s near a top-rated area, or because your liquid availability is limited? No worries, Ocyan has the right solution for your problem! Check the articles below to know more about the rental deposit support.

Here are some links* where you can start looking where to stay in Germany:

Long and short term accommodations for rent:

Long -term Lets

Short-Term Lets

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Read the article below for other housing solution, also for students, and to know more about the document needed for renting a house.


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