International shipping made easy

Avoid the excess baggage fees with the international shipping service for expats

International shipping for expats

When relocating to a new country, it is important to carry along some items you need for the early start or belongings you can’t leave behind. Unfortunately, transporting everything to your new home, especially when it is located far away or overseas, is practically impossible. However, we know that finding the right shipping company is not that easy. Here at Ocyan, we have a solution that is not only affordable but also convenient and effective.
With our international express shipping services, expats are able to send multiple boxes and luggage to their new home without stress. Due to the high volume of orders placed through our platform, we negotiate
the best prices on the market for relocation services for expats, digital nomads, and seasonal workers.

International shippingHere at Ocyan, we have helped thousands of travellers and digital nomads to organise their move when embarking on a new journey. All of this is possible thanks to Eurosender – our trustworthy partner. Eurosender is in collaboration with reputable courier companies and offers efficient relocation & shipping services for expats around the globe. You can book the shipping of a few boxes only or a full truck dedicated to your move and benefit from our useful relocation tips for expatriates and temporary migrants. You can get free quotes with the most reliable couriers and save on costs when moving overseas.

International shipping options for expats

Standard shipping

If you’re traveling light and just want to send a few boxes or suitcases, standard shipping (roughly 10 boxes max) is the way to go. You should get your things in 5-7 working days or if you opt for expressshipping 24 hours (in Europe) or 48 hours (global).
Standard shipping dimensions are as follows:

  • Weight up to 30 kg

  • Maximum length of 175 cm

  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m altogether)

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Ground transport

Anyone who plans to move the majority of their home or belongings from within Europe to Germany can do so via van delivery service in Europe, which can be used for moving any type of large shipment from a motorcycle to a few boxes.
If you need to transport a lot of boxes or larger items, this can be the most cost-effective option, because you don’t pay for each package individually (and you do not necessarily need to follow the packing guidelines, as you would with individual shipments sent through standard or any other type of service).
Delivery time for dedicated vehicles throughout Europe is an estimated 24-48 hours. Van sizes are:

  • Box van: 465 x 165 x 180 cm or 13 cubic meters and 800 kg capacity

  • Curtain-side van: 410 x 210x 230cm or 19 cubic meters and 1100 kg capacity

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