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Bitwala | The Bank Account Of The Future – Today

Bitwala - Banking and Crypto

Bitwala offers you the bank account of the future – today. Open your free bank account for everyday savings and payments. Furthermore, with integrated wallets, you can send and receive bitcoin and ether easily. With the Bitwala app, you can invest in cryptocurrencies directly from your bank account. Start banking, investing and earning all in one app. Let’s find out how to make your way through your crypto wallet.

What Is The Evolution Story Of Bitwala?

It all started in 2013 when Bitcoin was a currency of nerds, computer scientists, and alike. The three founders – Ben, Jan, and Jörg had a simple logic behind the business:

  1. Bitcoin has enormous potential
  2. No one is using it
  3. Let’s get people to use it

The solution was All4btc, an application that let you buy anything online with bitcoin. It was a simple web form and the founders did everything manually. After receiving the payment, they literally went to the website customer specified and clicked through the checkout to buy the item on the customer’s behalf. Really, it was that simple!

All4btc customers began asking for more. They didn’t just want to buy TVs with their bitcoin, they wanted to pay their rent, send money back home internationally, receive their salary, and even buy a house in bitcoin. That is when they realized that there was a need to fully integrate cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial world.

The Solution?

Bitwala was started in 2015 with a goal to bridge traditional finance with innovative, faster, and cheaper blockchain-based finance.

Bitwala is the world’s first bank to bridge traditional finance with blockchain-based finance, and has now 100+ employees with a vibrant office in Kreuzberg, serving 70+ nationalities all around the world. It serves more than 250,000 happy customers!

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What makes Bitwala different from its competitors?

  1. Gateway to the crypto economy
  • Transfer Bitcoin/Ether to any other wallet globally
  • Deposit to crypto-exchanges and trade for other cryptocurrencies
  • Buy goods and pay for services globally
  • Earn interest or take out loans against your cryptocurrency holding via decentralized finance solutions.
  • Enjoy the whopping €30,000 trading limits per week!

2. A pocket-sized travel companion

The Bitwala debit card fits around your lifestyle, as well as neatly in your wallet. Whether you’re hitting the road or chilling at home in your living room – the modern Bitwala crypto-card serves all situations, simply sell your crypto funds, receive the fiat amount, and swipe the card to pay globally. With unlimited free ATM withdrawals across the globe, your debit VISA card is the perfect travel companion.

3. A risk-free bitcoin wallet

Security is a serious business at Bitwala. You have complete control over your user-generated multi-signature wallet and nobody else will ever have access to it. Bitwala wallet creation setup consists of a mnemonic phrase instead of often complex and tricky private key strings.

And there is more….

4. A bank account that’s worth the buzz

Ocyan is unlocking the power of secure and resilient data connections to enable cross-border inclusion. We aim to build reliable bridges among countries. Bitwala is part of this project.

Euro fund deposits on your account up to €100,000 are protected by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme. All Bitwala bank accounts are held with a trusted bank partner solarisBank, which holds a full German banking license and is under the supervision of the BaFin. Bitwala, therefore, can be considered as a fully regulated and compliant German business, straight from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Use your Bitwala card to spend in-store, online, or to withdraw money at millions of ATMs globally. The card is accepted anywhere VISA is accepted and no extra fees are charged for using it to pay.

Security is key

5. Make it big, cash out instantly

Cashing in or out? No problem. Buy or sell bitcoin and your funds are debited to your Bitwala account or secure bitcoin wallet almost immediately. One price, one decision; no need to struggle to find the best sell order. Whether you’re buying a car or need to pay your rent, Bitwala has enabled you to do whatever you like with your single account. Viva la revolution!

6. An app designed around the everyday modernist

Bitwala has a beautiful and modern mobile app so you can trade on the go, whenever and wherever you are.

What products does Bitwala offer?

Bitwala offers a free German Bank account with direct access to buy/sell/trade Bitcoin and Ethereum. We also have a Bitcoin interest account through which you can earn approximately 4.74% APY interest on your Bitcoin.

One App, Many Features: Banking, Crypto Trading and Investing

Buy bitcoin or ether with just a few taps.The interest account allows you to earn from your bitcoin. Watch your coins grow in real-time and cash out whenever you like. Get paid every Monday directly to your wallet.

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How to get started

It’s free. Fast. Easy. 

  1. Create an account – Create your free account and follow the onboarding steps.
  2. Verify your identity – Once you’ve onboarded, jump on a quick video call to verify your identity.
  3. Just start – Start mobile banking, trading and investing all in one app.

Ocyan leads you effortlessly through the processes of getting your bank account and buying cryptocurrency by using just your mobile. Apply for the Bitwala bank account in these simple steps from our web app and buy Bitcoin or Ether just in a few taps.

Hello from OCYAN!

In conclusion the use of cryptocurrency is expanding. It is being increasingly used and accepted by a younger generation, steadily moving towards mainstream adoption. The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the adoption of cryptocurrency for buying regular items like air tickets, groceries, pizzas, and fuel. While crypto has a great future, early adoption with minimal speculation is the best way forward. 

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The best part about this robust financial marketplace is that you can subscribe to the platform for free and enjoy the advantages of a smooth financial transition in many ways. You will also benefit from a unique service that brings your financial history along with you.

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