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Broadband Connection in Germany – Tailored Offers in these easy steps

Best Broadband Connection Germany

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Are you moving to Germany? Stay always connected. Get a broadband connection along with special offers tailored to your needs.

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Are you ready to make Germany your new home? You may have worked out the details regarding renting your apartment, but what about other utilities, such as the internet? Now is the time that you invest in a broadband connection to get internet access in Germany. Fortunately, Germany has a highly developed telecommunication network that offers high-speed broadband internet.

Types of Internet Connection Available in Germany

Germany offers a plethora of options for granting internet access. You have the standard DSL/ADSL broadband connection for private households, cabled networks, wifi connection, and, of course, mobile internet in Germany.

Amongst the above media for internet access, DSL broadband connection enjoys wider popularity due to its reliability. Additionally, it is also one of the high growth potential channels that are experiencing rapid expansion, thanks to technologies like optic fibres.

Best Broadband Internet Providers in Germany

As on date, four major broadband internet providers offer pan-Germany private internet access. These companies are:

  • O2 internet
  • T-home (Deutsche Telekom)
  • Vodafone
  • 1&1

O2 Broadband Special Offer

O2 is revolutionizing the landline market. The current O2 my Home tariffs (DSL) and O2 my Data Spot tariffs (HomeSpot) are combined under the umbrella of the new O2 my Home tariffs.

Instead of having to decide between DSL or a mobile-based Internet at home solution, in the first step, you will only choose the speed at which you want to surf at home. Depending on the availability at the connection address and your individual need, you will then be advised on a specific transmission technology.

With this, the future is: fast internet, everywhere at a fair price. O2 combines these wishes in the new O2 my Home tariffs.

The O2 my Home tariffs in detail:

  • The O2 my Home M is a tariff for everyday needs. With a surfing speed of up to 50 Mbit / s & unlimited data volume, it is perfect for singles or couples.
  • Self-employed people, gamers or frequent streamers should use the O2 my Home L. HD / UHD streaming is possible without any problems at 100 Mbit / s.
  • Family or professional surfer? There is also something suitable for people with several household members and devices. The O2 my Home XL makes all hearts beat faster with 250 Mbit / s.

An integral part of every tariff is the cellular router, a telephone connection and a flat-rate telephone to the German landline network.

All O2 Home tariffs are also available as a flex version. Customers do not have to commit themselves to a contract for 24 months, but always remain flexible.

* Regarding the O2 my Home XXL tariff, the optical fiber is available at this step, in certain areas. The tariffs M – XL are provided via fiber optics mostly in all areas. You can check the availability before subscribing.

All of this is possible by subscribing for free at Ocyan to avail this offer and discover the most advantageous plans. Keep reading for a special offer tailored to your needs.

Advantages of the O2 my Home tariffs

New customers: Customers who did not have an O2 internet & landline contract in the last 12 months and who are not entitled to any of the other offers will receive a € 10 discount on the basic fee for the first 12 months. Special features: Flex customers do not receive a discount

O2 customers: Customers who already use an O2 product that entitles them to the combined benefit will in future receive a uniform € 10 combined benefit. The combination advantage applies as long as both products are active. Special features: Flex customers do not receive a KombiVorteil & O2 my Home S: Combi-advantage only applies to customers who book the tariff via LTE / 5G

Young people / 60Plus: ** Customers who meet the age criterion for one of the two segments receive a € 10 discount in the first 12 months and € 5 a month thereafter, as long as they meet the age criterion.

 ** Young people: customers who are under 29 years old; 60 Plus: Customers who are at least 60 years old.

Flex: Flex customers receive a € 5 discount from the first month, as long as they meet the age criterion. Legitimization is not required. The age is continuously checked on the basis of the date of birth specified when booking.

Best Broadband offer in Germany

Apart from the many broadband internet plans for your home, the company also offers devices such as O2 my Home and portable WLAN router at no additional cost. In addition to the flat-rate cost for internet access, you can use it to gain private internet access across other EU countries as well. 

Are you an occasional traveller? Keep reading to get an unmissable offer

How to Set Up Your Internet Connection in Germany?

You can apply for an internet connection by following these steps:

  1. Choose the plan of your preference. Depending on your data and speed requirements, you can opt for a high-speed, unlimited internet plan or prepaid plans.
  2. Test the DSL/VDSL speed by entering your address into the service provider’s website.
  3. Submit a request and enter all your personal information.
  4. The broadband internet service provider will get in touch with you and confirm the contract.
  5. Representatives will visit your premises with the WLAN/WiFi routers and open your line.

The entire process takes approximately 14 days. You may also have to pay a one-time fee as equipment rent/installation charges/service charge/contract processing fee for the opening up the line.

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Temporary Internet Connectivity in Germany

If you are only temporarily visiting Germany, you can opt for a short-term Ohne Mindestlaufzeit plan that is valid only for a few weeks to months. It grants you internet access without committing to a year-long contract that you can cancel at any time. Do bear in mind that you will have to serve a 3-month notice while cancelling the Ohne Mindestlaufzeit.

At o2 there is a really cheap annual rate for casual surfers, travelers, or for those who finally want to get a Christmas present early enough!
It’s the o2 my prepaid internet-to-go, which includes:

  • 30 GB LTE data volume for € 49.99 one-time
  • No monthly costs and no cancellation required
  • EU roaming included
  • Optional: Huawei Mini WLAN router for a one-time charge of € 30

Subscribe for free at Ocyan to avail this offer and discover the most advantageous plans tailored for your needs.

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