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Common English Speaking Jobs In Germany and Job Portals

English speaking jobs in Germany - Best Job Portals

People come to Germany for education and work from all over the world, so it’s reasonable for expats not to know German. No worries, Ocyan helps you dealing with every aspect of your expat life. We have made a checklist of the most common English speaking jobs along with the best job portals where to look for your next occupation. In the meanwhile, you can learn the language to have a better understanding of the culture and traditions. Bilinguals have the opportunity to interact with more people than monolinguals, both in their personal and professional lives.

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Finding a job in Germany can involve some challenges, especially if you don’t know the native language. But that doesn’t mean the scenario is bleak for expats looking for English speaking jobs in Germany. Several industries and start-up companies are offering attractive work prospects for English speakers relocating to the country. Based on your skills in English and the industry you are focusing on, you can find many jobs. 

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the common English speaking jobs in Germany

When you move to a new country with less or no knowledge of the language spoken there, finding and navigating basic necessities can be intimidating. This is where Ocyan comes into the picture.

Common English Speaking Jobs To Find In Germany

If you want to find English language jobs in Germany, here are the common industries you can focus on:

Engineering & Software Development 

These are among those industries where you can allow your skillset to do the talking on your behalf. Many employers in these fields are willing to consider English-speaking job seekers as long as they are skilled professionals. 

Programmer Or Systems Administrator

Such jobs also belong to those categories where your skill set will carry more value than your language skills. While many adverts may state that German language skills are necessary, you can still give them a try.

International Customer Service

With the world turning into a global village, many German companies are offering customer service in varied languages. You can try for jobs in this industry if you possess the necessary skillset along with impressive English skills. 

Social Media Manager

When it comes to social media manager positions, the demand for English speaking candidates is on the rise. This is because the field needs you to reach out to a global market. But keep in mind that this field is saturated and you may face tough competition.

Digital Marketing

Many German companies are opening up to the idea of employing English speaking individuals for digital marketing. This is because they are becoming aware that digital expertise is more essential than the knowledge of German. 

Management & IT Consultants

International firms in Germany often need management and IT consultants who are fluent in English. This is because they have to deal with international clients. You can explore such firms for work opportunities based on your qualifications and language skills in English.

Content Writing 

With the digital world becoming bigger by the day, the demand for content writers is increasing. The companies with global reach or overseas clients need content writers who are proficient in English. This is because English is the most common global language. 

You can also try freelancing jobs in this category. 

Tourism & Hospitality Industry

A large section of the tourism and hospitality industry is involved in dealing with international clients or visitors. That is why German companies want employees with knowledge of English to communicate with them. This provides you scope to land a job in this field.


If you are academically inclined and want to work as a scientist in Germany, you can try your luck. Your lack of knowledge in German shouldn’t pose much of a problem while seeking a job in this field.

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Working Conditions For English Speaking Job Seekers In Germany

Germany has a set of employment regulations, known as the German Labour Code. These regulations ensure protection for all employees. The country follows a five-day working week policy. You can work for a maximum of 40 hours a week. Every employee is entitled to at least 18 days off per year.  The minimum wage at present is 9.35€ per hour in Germany. 

Health insurance is mandatory for everyone living and working in Germany.

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You can benefit from many advantages, such as:

  • Online registration
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  • Freedom to opt for a doctor of your choice

Where To Look For English Speaking Jobs In Germany?

Some of the best resources and job boards to look for English speaking jobs in Germany include the following:

Lebenslauf and Anschreiben


As intimidating as they sound, Lebenslauf and Anschreiben are simply CV and cover letter, respectively. Lebenslauf, or CV, should contain basic facts of your career and qualifications.


A cover letter or a single page “Bewerbungsschreiben” gives you a chance to be specific about your skill-set and motivation. While you draft it, be sure to explain why you are the best fit for the job, and highlight your professional achievements.

Here are some other links to help you with your relocation process.

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