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Driving Licence in Germany – All you need to know

German driving licence

Have you moved to Germany or you’re considering relocating to the country? Here’s a guide for expats to know everything about German driving licence – documents required for transferring your licence, how to get a German one, costs and promotions for your coverage. Let’s connect

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A driving licence in Germany is extremely worthwhile if you plan to relocate. That’s because public transportation in some parts of the country is not very compressive. Add to it, traveling in public transportation can be a bummer, especially in bad weather. Therefore, getting a German driving licence or transferring it is highly recommended. 

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Foreign Driving Licences in Germany

The validity of the driving licence of your country depends on various factors. For instance, driving licences of EU members are valid up to the date it expires. For non-EU members, check the reciprocity agreement between your country and Germany to check its validity. If your country does have the agreement, then you need to get your license transferred (Umschreibung) within six months to continue driving. 

How to get a Driving Licence in Germany

To transfer your license, or to get one, you need to visit the Vehicle Licensing Office (known as “Fahrerlaubnisbehhörde” or “Führerscheinstelle”). It is recommended to get an appointment to avoid waiting for the entire day. Especially in this period, you may be subjected to some restriction due to Covid – 19. In most offices, you can book an appointment online. 

Common Documents Required For Transferring Driving Licence

  • Certificate of registration or “Anmeldung”
  • A photograph
  • The original license and its German translation
  • Documentation confirmation that the foreign license is still valid
  • A medical examination confirming your capability to drive
  • A visual acuity test

To understand the exact documentation, speak to the Licensing Office, and then book another appointment to provide all the corresponding paperwork. 

Is Driving Easy in Germany?

Getting a driving licence in Germany not only makes it easier to rent cars in the EU, but also allows you to enjoy the scenic view of the countryside. The German road system is the second largest in the world, and is classified from unpaved to the Autobahn, or high-speed motorways. Familiarize yourself with German driving rules, such as no right turns unless there is a green right-turn arrow, and no use of cell phones while driving unless it’s using a hands-free device.


If you are looking for help regarding other financial services linked to your move, here are a few useful articles for you:

Complete These Steps To Get a Driving Licence:

  • Register at a driving school (“Fahrschule”).
  • Participate in a first aid course (“Erste Hilfe”)
  • Get your eyes checked by an optician or ophthalmologist (“Sehtest”)
  • Take a biometric passport photo

If you are applying for type C (lorries) or D (Buses), you will have to present some extra documents. Visit the BMVI website to understand all the categories.  

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Cost of German Driving Licence 

A driving licence in Germany can cost over 1000 euros if you include all the costs such as driving lessons, and the cost of theory lessons. You can only register for a driving test when your instructor is fully convinced of your driving standards. Compared to the driving lesson costs, the actual price of theory and driving tests are not much (approx. 40 euros for the test only). You can check out the prices online based on the region. For instance, visit www.tuev-sued.de to see the price of a driving exam in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Driving Licence?

It usually takes four to six weeks to process an online driving licence application, so that you get enough time to prepare for the written and practical test. You’ll have to take the test in German with an instructor and examiner. Getting your driving licence can take anywhere between three to six weeks!

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