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Expat currency update: EUR/USD Exchange Rate Mixed as US Treasury Yields Fluctuate

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US Dollar Trades in Step with US Treasury Yields

Trade in the Euro to US Dollar exchange rate has been mixed over the past week, mostly as a result of fluctuating US Treasury yields and shifting market sentiment.

This saw the US Dollar falter through the second half of last week, with the publication of weaker-than-expected domestic inflation figures triggering a pullback in US Treasury yields. This downturn in the ‘Greenback’ was extended by the latest US jobless claims, which revealed a disappointing rise in new claims in the first week of February.

The US Dollar then made a short-lived attempt to rebound on Friday, before being undermined after US consumer sentiment fell more than forecast this month. The US Dollar continued to trend lower at the very start of this week’s session amid a prevailing risk-on mood, but has subsequently rallied hard, rising in step with a sharp rebound in Treasury yields.

Meanwhile, the Euro has mostly taken its cues from the US Dollar over the past week, with the negative correlation between the pairing helping the single currency avoid losses due to ongoing concerns over the EU’s vaccine rollout.

The EUR/USD exchange rates did manage to breakout to strike a new two-week high at the start of the current session as the latest Eurozone GDP estimate and German economic sentiment index printed above expectations, but these gains proved fleeting in the face of renewed USD strength.

EUR/ USD Currency transfer mixed

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Eurozone PMIs in Focus

Looking ahead, a key catalyst in the mixed EUR/USD exchange rate through the latter half of this week will be the publication of the Eurozone’s latest PMI releases.

February’s preliminary figures are expected to report that economic activity in the Eurozone continued to slump as a result of the ongoing lockdowns that are in place throughout much of the bloc, but could a more modest contraction than forecast help to buoy the Euro?

In the meantime, the US Dollar’s upward momentum could be curbed by the publication of the minutes from the Federal Reserve’s most recent policy meeting. These minutes are likely to reinforce the Fed’s dovish bias and its commitment to do whatever it takes to support the US economy.

How to Save On Your Money Transfers When The Exchange Rate Market Is Mixed

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What Does Mixed EUR/USD Exchange Rates Mean for Expats?

If the EU’s vaccination programme continues to disappoint, EUR exchange rates may suffer, as a result expats using Euros to purchase USD may get less for their money. However, a stronger US Dollar would be postive for any expats sending money back to Europe.

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USD/EUR exchange rate

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