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Health Insurance in Germany – Ultimate Guide for Expats

Health insurance in Germany

Are you moving to Germany? Here’s a complete guide on how to avail of health insurance. You’ll understand why it’s important, the different types – public vs. private, and the most convenient for expats.

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Are you planning to relocate to Germany? You must be excited about starting a new phase in your life. Before doing so, you should be aware that health insurance is compulsory for everyone, whether you are a native or an expat.       

To ease your relocation process, you can now deal with this priority from the comfort of your home. By subscribing for free at Ocyan, you can avail health insurance in Germany even before you move there. Here’s a concise guide to help you out.

Who Needs to Have Health Insurance in Germany?

The German health insurance reform of 2007 requires that everyone residing in Germany must be insured against medical emergencies. You must have insurance for at least out-patient and hospital treatment. Regardless of the duration or purpose of your stay in Germany as an expat, you need adequate you health coverage. 

If you are a traveller, you must obtain travel health warranty before you visit Germany. Even international students need to obtain student health insurance in Germany to avail of a student visa

Why Is It Important to Have One?

The year 2020 has been an eye-opener for everyone around the world regarding the importance of health coverage. This COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown how unpredictable medical exigencies can be. Add to this the escalating expense of doctor’s visits, medical tests, hospitalization, and medicines, and you can be in a complete mess. In short, facing a medical emergency without health insurance can land you in financial turmoil. The situation can become even more worrisome if you are living as an expat in Germany. 

By availing of health insurance, you can protect yourself and your family against the financial strain in case of any medical emergency. This is where Ocyan comes into the picture. Having health insurance coverage through Ocyan enables you to access the best healthcare without worrying about the expenses involved. 

Different Types of Health Insurance in Germany

Germany has two types of health insurance systems – private and public. You must opt for one of these two systems during your stay in the country. EU citizens staying in Germany for a short period can opt for health coverage in the form of a European Healthcare Insurance Card or EHIC. This card must be issued by an applicable EU country. 

How Does Health Insurance Work in Germany? 

When you are in Germany, you must avail of health coverage issued by a licensed medical coverage provider. If you fail to get an adequate coverage, you are liable to be penalized under the German law system. 


Public Health Insurance in Germany is also known as Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung (GKV) or statutory health guarantee. It is the largest and the cheapest in Germany. Since this social system dates back to the late 1880s, it is among the oldest in the world. Today almost 90% of the country’s population comes under the coverage of this statutory health guarantee. 

It covers paid employees, including apprentices and vocational trainees, who have an income of less than €62,550 per year. As an employee, you have to contribute 7.3% of your gross salary to public health indemnity costs. An equal percentage of contribution is charged from your employer. You will have to bear the total contribution of 14.6% if you are self-employed. 


Private Health Insurance in Germany is called Private Krankenversicherung (PVK). Age and health conditions are the two factors that determine the cost of this insurance. The coverage and cost of the private insurance system vary a great deal. About 10% of Germany’s population opt for private insurance. 

Only those individuals can avail of private health insurance in Germany who are voluntarily insured. Like public insurance, in the case of private insurance, also the contribution is equally divided between the employer and the employee. Again, self-employed individuals have to pay the full amount towards the insurance cost. 

You can select which type you would prefer if your annual income is more than €62,550 per year. Self-employed individuals and civil servants can also avail of this choice. 

Which Health Insurance Is Best in Germany?

For expats, public health insurance is the best option to select in Germany. 

There are a large number of health insurance companies that provide services in the public category. But not every company caters to expats. That is why Ocyan has partnered with one of the most reliable health service providers in Germany to help you out.

TK health insurance. Subscribe for free - Ocyan

Techniker Krankenkasse or TK is the best and the largest public insurance provider in the country. It is one of those top companies that provides benefits for expats. TK has been named Germany’s best health insurance fund by Focus Money business magazine.

Before listing all the advantages you can avail of with TK, let’s find out the most recent product. It revolves around online medical examination. Avoid queues, long waiting times and the risks linked to Covid-19 with the new TK App. Video call your doctor, tell your symptoms and show him/her what’s wrong. Your doctor will immediately give you the appropriate medical treatment.  

TK health insurance in Germany offers several advantages, such as:

  • Online registration – quick and easy process.
  • Family insured with just one contribution.
  • Manage your health insurance with the TK-App.
  • Freedom to opt for a doctor of your choice depending on your need.
  • Avail TK benefits when you travel to other European countries as well.
  • Avail of treatment at several hospitals across Europe by just showing your TK health insurance card.

But TK has more to offer! Other main services are…

  • Opt for an array of therapies and treatment from specialists for a host of health issues that range from outpatient surgery to chronic diseases.
  • Since the whole application process for obtaining insurance is in English, you can easily follow every aspect of the procedure.
  • The company offers a wide variety of health classes to help you lead a healthy life.
  • The company provides round-the-clock service.

How to Avail Health Insurance in Germany Through Ocyan?

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Ocyan helps you to avail health insurance even before you step into Germany. Your first step is to sign up for free to Ocyan services. Then proceed to become a TK member by filling their online application form. You can opt for Ocyan service and complete the application procedure for TK with just a few clicks.

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