Hello from Ocyan

March 22, 2019
Evangelos Pappas

Evangelos Pappas

CEO of Ocyan

Ocyan enables the disruption of traditional industries with emerging technologies. Providing an end-to-end Cloud Operating System for enterprise blockchains is only the beginning.

Enter Ocyan Cloud

An enterprise’s agility, time to market and fluidity are more important than ever before. Today, the challenge lies in quickly transforming R&D projects into production ready software. In a PoC, experimentation and workarounds give way to security, integrity, integration, interoperability, operability, and availability. The required operations to manage and deploy enterprise-grade systems are markedly different. This is where Ocyan makes a difference.

Our Vision

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technologies are disrupting markets and rapidly gaining traction in all industries. Merging new technologies with enterprise-grade systems is complicated. It requires a "Cloud Operating System" that can deploy, manage and connect legacy infrastructure with any kind of P2P technology. Ocyan enables the disruption of traditional industries with emerging technologies. Providing an end-to-end cloud solution for enterprise blockchains is only the beginning.


The Product

Ocyan's multi-function, multi-environment platform provides the foundation for p2p networks integrations across enterprise-ready production environments. What makes Ocyan different from other blockchain infrastructure solutions:

  • Data Pipeline Platform - With the serverless intelligence of Ocyan’s analytics cloud platform we are able to modelize any input data from any decentralized network.
  • Cloud Ops Platform - We have developed innovative software that merges the decentralized activities with the power of serverless automation of the cloud.
  • Blockchain Infrastructure - We provide cloud managed solutions to host your blockchain nodes either on-premises or on our own cloud environment.



  • Complete Managed Infrastructure - End-to-end cloud-native managed blockchain nodes, with an uptime SLA.
  • Backoffice Integrations - Connect your DLT traffic events with your back-office applications. Either this is another SQL server or an ERP.
  • On-Prem Platform - Deploy your nodes in any environment that you trust, either this is within your cloud environment or to a data centre closer to your operations.
  • Consortium Management - Ocyan deploys and manages the required configuration and nodes, providing you the painless integration with any blockchain consortium network.
  • On-Prem Config Management - Ocyan stores your secrets keys and configs as part of the core infrastructure offering, in a scalable, configurable and secure way.
  • Data Interoperability - Our data pipeline aggregates and indexes data from different blockchain networks, providing the same data structure to the App layer.
  • Platform APIs - Easy to read, easy to write, easy to trigger actions interface via http, CLI and terraform.
  • System Monitoring - Low level data metrics end up to a monitoring system, through which further business logic can be set to trigger events (eg send email, or pagerDuty).
  • Blockchain Analytics - Enrich your prefered Business intelligence tool with data from your DLT network.


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