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Home Contents Insurance | What It Is, Who Needs It And Why

Home Contents Insurance

There is no place like home! That’s why is important protecting all the things that make a house your home (….and more). When it comes to insurance nobody wants to deal with incomprehensible terms and conditions, a pile of paperwork or long processing times when filing claims. That’s why, here at Ocyan, we have chosen Coya to guarantee maximum convenience for our members along with a special discount for your home contents insurance.

Coya offers affordable and flexible Home Contents Insurance and will be there for you in case something happens to your beloved belongings.

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What is Home Contents Insurance?

While Home Contents Insurance is not obligatory in Germany to have it is still crucial to get. Imagine your home has been turned upside down: Almost everything is flying out like your furniture, clothes or electronics. That’s what Home Contents Insurance is there for! Coya’s Home Contents Insurance covers all things mentioned above in case e.g. of a fire or storm. This way you don’t need to worry about finances but can take care of your beloved home instead.

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What exactly Home Contents Insurance covers?

Coya’s basic Home Contents Insurance covers:

Scenario 1: A fire at your home damages your clothes, furniture, and/or electronics.
Let’s hope this never happens to you… but in case it does: Coya has got your back and covers financial loss up to the sum insured.

Scenario 2: A defect in your washing machine causes tap water to leak out and damages furniture nearby. Coya will protect you from the financial consequences.

Storm & Hail
Scenario 3: During a storm, flying branches destroy your living room window. Your home cinema is destroyed by rainwater. No reason to panic, Coya will make sure you can get a new one very soon!

Burglary & Theft
Scenario 4: Burglars enter your home and steal jewellery, your laptop and your TV.
Coya is there to help! With their Home Contents Insurance you are insured against this.

Scenario 5: On holidays, criminals rob you. They steal your money, your digital camera and your mobile phone. This too is covered by Coya’s Home Contents Insurance.

Get an upgrade!

All coverages above are referring to Coya’s basic Home Contents Insurance. But with Coya there is also the option to upgrade your basic plan to feel even more protected.

Plus is the perfect plan for those who want a little more coverage and extra perks at a great price. Besides higher coverage on items like valuables or theft of bags this plan also covers ‘virtual you’ in cases of online bank fraud (phishing) and even the restoration of lost data.

This plan gives you premium coverage for your belongings – both in real life and online. Besides full coverage on many things, the highlight of this plan is Coya’s so-called ‘performance guarantee’. Basically, this means that Coya ensures to offer you the best service on the market. If you can show Coya that this is not the
case, they promise to meet whatever service other insurers are offering you.

What about add-ons?

For even more great protection you can book various add-ons with Coya’s Home Contents Insurance.

Gross negligence
This add-on covers gross negligence within the covered risks (fire, water damage,
storms and burglary). It ensures that you are reimbursed up to 100% of your
maximum sum if an incident was initiated by you.

This add- on insures your bike, as well as that of your household members outside your home. If something happens, Coya will reimburse you the value of your bike in new.

Broken Glass
This add-on covers many glass items in your home up to the insured sum. For example glass furniture, glass ceramic or induction cooktops and aquariums or terrariums. In the event of damage, Coya replaces destroyed items either completely or with items of the same type and quality. This also includes the
costs for delivery and assembly (e.g. replacement of a window).

In the very near future Coya is going to launch even more handy add-ons that you can get with their Home Contents Insurance, e.g. for freelancers or jewellery and art. Stay tuned on their upcoming releases!

Why join Coya For Your Home Contents Insurance?

That’s easy! Coya offers a super simple sign up process and is very flexible – you can cancel your policie(s) anytime! Apart from Home Contents Insurance Coya also offers other important coverages like Private Liability or Bike Theft Insurance.
Coya will give you universal access to all your insurance policies. You will always be able to adjust your coverages according to your life’s needs and make a claim within a few minutes only – all online, all in one place.

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