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So, you’ve finally arrived, and after laborious house hunting, you’ve found the right apartment to start your new life in Germany. Now, it’s time to set up home utilities like electricity and gas connection, water supply, internet, etc. 

In a country with more than 1000 municipal utilities, this task is often easier said than done. Many people opt for relocation services to make their relocation smoother. 

Houses for rent in Germany are classified as cold (Kaltmiete) or warm (Warmmiete) or a combination of the two. Cold rent implies that you only pay the rent, and all other house utilities like heating, water, trash are not included. Conversely, warm rental includes basic rent along with additional home utility charges – Umlagen or Nebenkosten. Therefore, before you sign your lease, it is important to check what all is included in the Nebenkosten. In this article, we’ll look at how to set up basic utilities in case you settle for cold rentals.


Gas & Electricity Connection

When moving into your new home, you need to have a gas connection and electricity connection for cooking and central heating. While the price of gas may be covered by the Warmmiete, whereas the cost of electricity usually isn’t. 

Choosing House Utility Providers In Germany

Before selecting the service provider for a gas connection and electricity connection, do a thorough comparison between them with regards to their prices and services. That’s because the house utility bills can have a significant impact on your cost of living in Germany. You can also browse through consumer advice websites such as and to read about the service provider.

To open a new account, you are usually required to submit: 

  • Exact address
  • Name and bank details of the occupant
  • Proof of residence

The registration process can be done both offline (manually) and online on the company’s website. Some of the gas and electricity companies in Germany include Yello, Greenpeace Energy, and Entega.

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Other Utilities


Water supply costs are usually included in the monthly rent (Warmmiete) or the Hausgeld for homeowners. If it isn’t part of your rent, then you can contact a local water supply company (kommunale Wasserwerke) to set up a contract. The water supply network, unlike gas and electricity, is public in Germany. This implies that your water supply company is determined by your location and not your choice.

These are the water suppliers based on the region: Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin); Hamburg Wasser (Hamburg)M Mainova AG (Frankfurt); RheinEnergie (Cologne); Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG (Düsseldorf); Stadtwerke München GmbH (Munich). Potable water is generally metered, and the average water bill in Germany is around 1.60 Euro per cubic liter (1000 Liters).

Waste Disposal & Recycling

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The German government takes recycling very seriously, and so do its people. Most of the time, the cost of waste disposal and recycling is included in your Warmmiete. Talk to your landlord, property manager, or the caretaker (Hausmeister) about the types of bins provided for waste disposal. Usually, waste is separated into paper, glass, plastic, organic waste, and residual waste.


Insurance is a good idea when you are constantly on the move. The hassle of moving things can be complicated. Unquestionably, having an insurance policy that covers liabilities and household goods is a good idea. Besides, since it is illegal to live in Germany without health insurance, you will have to consider that even before you move to the country. To get health insurance information and services before you relocate, subscribe for free to OCYAN.

Read more about German health insurance here:

Germany’s Health Care System After COVID-19 – News For Expats!

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Telephone/Internet Connections 

Telephone/internet connections are rarely included in the house rent. Tenants will have to look for different companies that offer a wide variety of plans. It is best to do some background checks on the types of internet plans available in your area. In some cities, several companies offer a combo package of internet and TV at competitive rates. Payments to providers are usually done via a Direct Debit (Lastschrift) from your bank.  

Here is one of the best mobile and internet providers in Germany. Check on line the internet availability for your address with no cost. Click here to subscribe for free and get started.

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