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How Brexit will affect British citizens? | Moving To Europe

Move to Europe after Brexit

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Are you willing to relocate to Europe? Read the article to find useful information for British expats. Let’s connect and stay tuned to for the latest news about Brexit

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From the 1st of January 2021 the transition period involving The United Kingdom leaving the European Union will be completed. Consequently, any British Citizen moving to Europe will have to deal with the new rules and regulations. 

Those who currently live in the EU can apply for residence status until the end of 2020. Conversely, for those who are willing to relocate after the 31st of December, things won’t be the same. 

From the driving licence to other premises, British citizens will have to deal with a series of changes.

Brexit and Driving Licence 

Any British citizen travelling to Europe by car or just renting a vehicle while living in a European country, may need some additional pieces of paper to drive. They will have to:

  • Exchange their driving licences because foreign licences are recognized for up to six months in most member states 
  • Apply for a car insurance green car

Here’s a guide for expats to know everything about driving licence for foreigners in Germany and all over Europe – The documents required for transferring your licence, how to get a German one, the cost and much more.

Brexit and Tourism

Moving to europe after Brexit - british citizens
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Will people be able to travel to Europe after Brexit? The UK is part of the European Union list of visa-exempt countries. Therefore, British citizens will be allowed to travel to Europe for up 90 days without a visa. It’s possible that after the transition period, tourists will be asked for additional information about their travel by the border officials.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have a second house in Europe, as a British citizen, you won’t be allowed to spend more than 3 months in your dwelling. This have caused many complaints among expats. Anyone who wishes to regularly spend long periods of time in the EU will have to apply for a long-stay visa or residency. Although, if you’re considering getting the residence in one of the European countries, this could come with strict limitations.

Check your eligibility for entering one of the wealthiest countries in Europe here.

Working in Europe after Brexit

Working in Europe after brexit - job portals for british citizens - move to Europe
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If you are a non-EU national, then searching for an employer who is ready to provide work permits and relocation costs can be challenging.

Anyhow, after facing some adversities, British may find it easier to look for a job in Germany. English-speaking professionals can get jobs in the high-paying banking, telecommunications, and advertising sectors. Speaking German is not mandatory for a variety of jobs, but you can cast your net wider if you are familiar with the language. Other top professions for expats include project management, sales management, software engineering and much more, depending on your qualifications and passions. If you want to give it a shot, here are some useful portals to look for job opportunities in Germany.

Brexit and Healthcare

Exit the European Union means that you may not be covered by your previous health insurance plan when travelling or moving to Europe. If something undesirable happens, you may not have access to free emergency medical treatment and be charged for your healthcare. The year 2020 has been an eye-opener for everyone around the world regarding the importance of health coverage.

Facing a medical emergency without health insurance can land you in financial turmoil. The situation can become even more worrisome if you are living as an expat in Europe.  To ease your relocation process, you can now deal with this priority from the comfort of your home. By subscribing for free at Ocyan, you can avail health insurance even before you move.

What are the advantages?

  • Online registration – quick and easy process
  • Freedom to opt for a doctor of your choice depending on your need.
  • Insurance coverage for all members of your family while TK charges you for just one contribution.
  • Avail benefits when you travel to other European countries as well.
  • Avail of treatment at several hospitals across Europe by just showing your health insurance card.

Read more about health insurance in Germany that guarantee a coverage all over Europe. Small contribution, great advantages.

Brexit and Money Trasfer

The Pound to Euro exchange rate has fluctuated dramatically over the last weeks as conflicting headlines emerging from UK-EU Brexit talks continue driving volatility in the pairing. 

While the Pound to Euro exchange rate continues trending lower on Brexit news, expats using Sterling to buy Euros will get less for their money. Consequently, expats can be influenced by this GBP/EUR fluctuating movements. Ocyan is your key to avail the best currency transfer for expats all over Europe

If you’re an expat and need to move money between your home and adopted country, securing the right exchange rate for your currency transfers can make a big difference to how much you receive. By securing an exchange rate you can benefit from the value already fixed no matter if the market is less favorable.

Moreover, conducting currency transfers without charging fees means saving money which could be spent enjoying your new life abroad as an expat. All of this is possible by subscribing for free at Ocyan and benefit from all the advantages that our trustworthy partner offers:

Brexit Among others, remarkable advantaeges are:

  • Get a free quote
  • No transfer fees
  • Technology based service to save you time
  • Maximized returns on your currency transfers

Check this article and find out how to benefit from all the advantages that Ocyan offers when transferring your money abroad.

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