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How much does it cost to move to Germany?

Relocating to a new country introduces new expenses and related stress. In this post we’re mapping what you should be expecting to spend before settling and start living and working in Germany.

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Early days costs in Germany

During your first days of moving to Germany you will have to pay for things like rental deposit, services, temporary accommodation, and government fees that will require a large amount of available cash upfront. This amount can range from €5,000-€10,000 or even more depending on the choices and conveniences of your lifestyle and unique circumstances.

Prepare for 2 Months of no-income

Your best option is to secure a job offer before even moving to Germany, this would reduce much of your operational risks, stress and uncertainty. If that’s not an option then consider that Germany has one of Europe’s lowest unemployment, and if you are the person with the right skills you can expect to be employed within your first weeks.

Frankfurt Christmas market
Frankfurt Christmas market

Get up to speed; accomodation, registration, banking, utilities etc…

Expect during your first 2–3 weeks to live in a temporary accomodation. If you have friends and family that they can guest you for this long, this would be a great help. Otherwise, service like AirBnB can really help you, as they can also offer an address to use when you register. Read our following guides on how to register your address, find the best accomodation, get the right banking, set up your utilities and other useful information for the early days.

Moving a Vehicle to Germany?

If you don’t have an EU drivers licence, you will have to exchange it after 2 years of residing in Germany. After six months, you will need to have a German number plate that costs €200.

About insuring your vehicle, you can find the best insurance provider at OCYAN.

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Living costs in Germany

Lifestyle in Germany varies a lot depending on which city you are aiming to move to. Each place in germany has its own dynamics of job opportunities, cost of living and salaries. For example Aachen, Karlsruhe and Hanover have the lowest index regarding the cost of living, while Munich and Frankfurt have the highest and Berling, Stuttgart, Cologne and Dusseldorf offering a balanced lifestyle.

Numbeo is an online service that has indicative detailed prices for the day-to-day expenses.

Expect the usual monthly recurring fees to usually take 60–80% of your salary, such expenses are; accomodation, utilities, healthcare, insurances, transportation and taxation.

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