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Work from home was considered a luxury and a benefit that companies provided to attract new talent. But this changed overnight as the world woke up to the new reality of the Coronavirus. With immediate lockdowns forcing people to stay indoors, companies faced a new challenge of allowing employees to work from the comfort of their homes for months! 

This erstwhile luxury has become a necessity and worked in favour of both companies and employees. The immediate cost benefits that companies realised due to this new normal has made them think of moving to a fully remote or hybrid workspace. For employees, it has allowed them to be a digital nomad who can work from the destination of their choice. 

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So, how to become a digital nomad? What’s the best European country to relocate to? How to relocate with ease? These are the questions we’ll try to answer in this article.

Becoming A Digital Nomad – 3 simple tools

To begin with, there are three obvius but crucial things that you need for working remotely:

Laptop – technology is very important for a digital nomad. Whether you are an expert or you have just started, you need a functioning laptop and a backup charger. It is important to bring a laptop that performs the fundamental actions for your necessities. Generally, the right choice depends on what you do and what software you need to deploy.

Stable Internet Connection – a real challenge for digital nomads is finding reliable Wi-Fi to stay connected. Line interruprions can cause problems for you business. With millions of people working from home, your internet speed can take a hit. So, make sure your internet speed is enough to upload files and host/attend meetings with collegues or your boss.

Access To Your Data – Remote working has increased the risk of cyber and phishing attacks on companies and employees. While on the move, store your data and protect your computer. Set your accounts and passwords on all your devices. Have easy and fast access from your dekstop computer to your smartphone when you’re working away from home is essential.

Let’s Go

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Now that you have these three essentials, it is time to hit the road and explore new destinations, new cultures, and incredible people!

Decide The Country

Since there are so many places and countries to live in, deciding a place that will make you happy can be overwhelming. You can look for big cities like London, Paris, Berlin, or settle in the outback or a remote location based on your income and needs. Making a list of pro & cons could be helpful.

Germany – European Travel Destination

Germany is known to welcome tourists from around the world and is one of the friendliest and safest countries in Europe and the world. It offers a good quality of life, a fair cost of living and great fun at all latitudes. If you’re attracted by the city life, here are the best guides to relocate to four of the major cities in Germany:

Have you already chosen? Check these links to find your dream job as a digital remote worker and pack up – Remote.co or We work remotely.

Remember, since you are a digital nomad, you can always move to another city if you need a change of scenery.

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How To Relocate With Ease

The alluring benefits of living like a digital nomad come with some challenges. When you become a digital nomad, you need to set up varied services. So, the first step while relocating to countries like Germany is to plan. Before you move, ascertain the cost of basic amenities such as SIM card and internet providers, and insurance and and where to stay while searching for your ideal home.

If you’re considering immigrating to the country, hiring a professional relocation specialist can make your work easier and more cost-effective. Ocyan offers a financial relocation package for expats. Ocyan leads you effortlessly through the processes of getting your bank account, insurances, mobile contract etc. Subscribe for free at Ocyan and benefit from free quotes and tailored solutions for everyone.

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Join a digital nomad community.

Read about the city and places of interest and join expat groups. Digital nomad communities like Nomadlist and Couchsurfing will lend some crucial advice. From pubs and restaurants to transportation, find out how to cut down unnecessary costs, explore city life like a digital nomad and discover the advantages the nomad lifestyle offers.

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What Changed Over The Last 6 Months?

With companies like Microsoft and Twitter asking employees to work remotely, the time is now to become a digital nomad and relocate to a country you always wanted to visit. Working remotely has multiple advantages such as becoming financially sound, having more disposable income, and blending into the new culture like a true local.  

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