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Liability Insurance – Definition, Types & Providers | Complete Guide

Private liability insurance

Here’s the ultimate guide to understanding liability insurance. Subscribe for free on Ocyan and get a free quote from the best liability insurance provider. Let’s connect

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Moving to Germany? Fantastic! You must be excited about your next adventure, and you’ve probably ticked off every item on your checklist. Additionally, there is one crucial thing that you must take into account before moving to Germany. And it’s the insurance. Liabilities insurance to be specific. 

Germans Take Liability Insurance Very Seriously 

Did you know that about 83% of Germans have private liability insurance? Think about any and every potential risk – they have it all covered! As an expat, you don’t want to be over-insured or under-insured, which usually happens with newcomers. 

What is general Liability Insurance?
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Why Do Expats Need Liability Insurance?

Besides managing your finances and your healthcare, you need to insure yourself against injuries, property damage, and legal liabilities. While moving to a new country is exciting, even if it is one of the wealthiest economies in Europe, it does come with some considerations. You may feel homesick, lonely, and stressed, which is entirely natural. You just don’t want to add financial crises and accidental damages to that list. 

Liability Insurance: What is a pubblic Liability Insurance?
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Unintentional mistakes during the initial phase can cost you thousands or even millions in claims! Don’t be alarmed. You can easily cover such claims with minimal insurance amounts, usually paid monthly or annually. 

Coya: Your Ideal Liability Insurance Provider

The private liability insurance covers material or physical damages caused by you to others. You can also protect your loved ones, making sure your whole family is covered. The cherry on top is that you can get insurance cover for your rented vehicles as well. 

Coya’s liability insurance protects people as well as pets. Dog liability insurance protects your four-legged friend if it ends up causing material or physical damage to someone. In this case, his guilty face it’s still cute, but it’s not enough.

Advantages of Coya Liability Insurance Policies

All liability insurance plans by Coya are accessible anytime, anywhere, and can be customized as per your needs! 

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on line liability insurance

If you’re considering moving, hiring a professional relocation specialist can make your work easier and more cost-effective. Ocyan offers a financial relocation package for expats. Ocyan leads you effortlessly through the processes of getting your bank account, insurances, mobile contract, and other services in one click. Subscribe for free at Ocyan and benefit from free quotes and tailored solutions for everyone.

Access Coya through Ocyan to discover other insurance products, from home content and pet health to bike theft insurances.

Types Of Liabilities Insurance

There are two major categories:

Public Liability Cover

It’s meant for companies or industries that have regular interactions with the public. Public liability cover will protect you from legal liabilities and financial risks. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy is planned for professionals like chartered accountants, lawyers, engineers, architects, and medical practitioners. 

If you are one of them, professional indemnity insurance will protect you against omissions, errors, and professional neglect.

Employers Liability Insurance: If you are an employer, you will need this cover against claims concerning injuries at the workplace. 

Product Liability Insurance: Companies that make recreational products, medical products, food, chemicals and tobacco will need this insurance cover. 

Third-Party Liability: Any third-party losses or damages can be covered by third-party liability coverage. It is more suitable for individuals and small industries. 

The first-party is the insured.

The second-party is the insurance provider.

The third-party is the person/company making the claim. 

Liability Insurance Certificate
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To Sum Up 

Humans are vulnerable to accidents. By spending less than €100 annually on liabilities insurance, you can save yourself from huge claims. 

Are you looking for tailored insurance, credit options, mobile contracts, banking options, or pet insurance? Then subscribe for free on Ocyan and rely on experts for specifically-tailored help regarding rental support, insurance, banking, and much more.

Ocyan can ensure the financial freedom that you need before relocating.


1. Do you need liability insurance?

As an individual or a business, you certainly need liabilities insurance unless you intend to pay all potential liability expenses out of your own pocket. Personal or professional liability insurance will help protect you against any lawsuits that arise due to bodily injuries, property damages, or libel/slander. 

2. Who needs public liability insurance?

Business owners living and working in Germany – for instance, require public liability insurance. If the nature of your business requires visits by clients for consultations, training, or meetings, then getting yourself insured is absolutely necessary. 

Visit the German Insurance Association to read news about insurance in Germany.  It has around 460 insurance companies as members, regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

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