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Moving To Hamburg – A Relocation Guide For Expats

Move to Hamburg

Are you moving to Hamburg? Here’s one of our guides for expats. Get to know the major German cities, just like Hamburg – housing solutions, job opportunities, useful information about health insurance and rental deposit guarantee, and great deals for expats.

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Nestled by the calm Elbe river flowing into the North Sea, Hamburg is the third-largest port city in Europe. After Berlin, it remains as one of the top choices for relocation for expats. With a rich cultural hub, Hamburg has a number of theatres, music venues, museums, and clubs. 
Hamburg houses a diverse number of expats and foreign residents in its quaint boundaries. The city boasts of a robust economy and has evolved with an active community of cosmopolitans. If you’re someone looking to move to Hamburg and want to know more, you’ve landed at the right place! Let’s dive right in –

Great Weather All-Year-Round

Huddled by the North Sea, Hamburg experiences maritime air and an oceanic climate. With mellow summers, lush springs, and cool winters, Hamburg suits people from all over the globe. Since the city is located near the sea, snowfalls are uncommon.
May through August is the hottest period in the year, with temperatures soaring up to 30 °C. Hamburg records its coldest months between late November to February, with temperatures dripping down to -2 to -3°C.
All in all, the city offers pleasant weather during all four seasons.

Moving to Hamburg
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House Hunting in Hamburg Is Easy & Affordable

Just like any other city in any other country, the cost of accommodation in Hamburg depends on various factors – neighbourhood, property area, amenities, and more. The rent for a furnished 40-50 square metre one-bedroom apartment in Hamburg averages around €1000. You can trade off other facilities for a lower rent. For example, you can get an apartment of the same area with average fittings and furnishings for a lower price.

What if you can’t find the perfect accommodation? Ocyan has made a list of useful links and has divided it into different categories according to you needs. Read this article to find your new home

It goes without saying that not all neighbourhoods are priced the same. The cost of living in Hamburg is varied. You may expect higher rental costs from some of the best neighbourhoods in Hamburg such as Uhlenhorst, Harvestehude and Eppendorf.

Most neighbourhoods in Hamburg are generally safe. But it’s still advised to be cautious around few localities like St. George, and red-light districts like Hauptbahnhof and the Reeperbahn.

Land Your Perfect Home With A Convenient Housing Solution

Housing doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, suitable rental deposit support can go a long way in financially aiding your house-search. Learn more about rental deposit guarantee and instead of paying the renter a deposit of up to three months’ cold rent, you pay a small premium to the insurance and give your householder the certificate instead of the deposit.

You can easily apply for rental deposit support on Ocyan with a few simple clicks. Our rental deposit provider, Kautionsfrei will help you through the process so that you can move into your new home ASAP.

Renting in Hamburg

Job Opportunities Aplenty

It’s very convenient if you have even a mediocre level of understanding of German. Absence of which, however, shouldn’t deter or demotivate you from your job hunt. 

Hamburg houses many international firms who are frequent recruiters of English-speaking candidates. Even German companies are usually on the lookout for candidates who can work with their English-speaking clients. Hamburg harbours career opportunities in technology, sales, marketing, content, web development, and finance in abundance for expats.

Ocyan has made a list of some of the best job portals to find your dream job.

Public Transportation In Hamburg For Easy Commutes

Understanding Hamburg’s public transportation may be a tough nut to crack initially, but once you’ve gained some local geographical experience, it’s one of the most efficient ways to travel within the city.

To get around through trains, you’ll need to download the HVV app. Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, or HVV for short, runs public transportation in and around Hamburg. You can buy daily tickets or get a monthly pass if you regularly use trains. HVV also issues multi-day passes for tourists.

For intercity travel, you’ll need to use Deutsche Bahn. Public transportation makes living in Hamburg much easier!

Health Insurance Is Mandatory

German laws require everyone in the country to have health insurance. There are two types of health insurance systems in Germany – private and public, so opting for the right choice is crucial. TK is the best and the largest public insurance provider in the country. It is one of those top companies that provides benefits for expats.

To ease your relocation process, you can now deal with this priority from the comfort of your home. By subscribing for free at Ocyan, you can avail health insurance in Germany even before you move there. Some of the advantages are:

  • Online registration in English– quick and easy process.
  • Family insured with just one contribution
  • Insured in Germany and all over Europe
  • Family Covered with just one contribution

The most recent product revolves around online medical examination. Avoid queues, long waiting times and the risks linked to Covid-19 with the new TK AppVideo call your doctor, tell your symptoms and show him/her what’s wrong. Your doctor will immediately give you the appropriate medical treatment.  

To know more about the best health insurance in Germany and discover all the advantages, click here.

The Sites & Tourist Attractions in Hamburg

When we talk about Germany, we usually hear an uproar of Berlin or Munich from travellers. Hamburg, however, is one of the hidden gems often overlooked by visitors. The city vaunts its beautifully sculpted architecture, assorted museums, and its picturesque view by river Elbe.

It offers to please everyone’s aesthetic and artistic sense. Hamburg State Opera gleams with concerts in their main venue Elbphilharmonie for all classical lovers. You can visit Miniatur Wunderland for model railway and airports and the Coffee Museum to try out myriads of coffees!

Go Restaurant Hopping

For someone inexperienced with the food scene in Hamburger, overspending on an average meal is not uncommon. For all the people who are always on a quest to find good food, we have a few options up our sleeve! 

With culturally-diverse options, Hamburg has an answer to all your cuisine cravings.

The best restaurants in Hamburg

Hello From Ocyan!

Moving to a new city can be scary, let alone a new country! But as daunting as it may sound, a well-thought-out financial plan can make it all easy.
We, at Ocyan, are equipped with a team of experts who can help you chart out your relocation plan with the right home relocation services all in one place. Sign up with us for free and move to Hamburg with no hassles!

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