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Move to Munich with ease in 10 steps – Utilmate Guide for Expats

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The Bavarian capital, Munich, is world-famous for the Oktoberfest, a beer celebration attended by over 6 million people every year. Besides being a tourist attraction, the city is also a center growing in appeal for its art culture, technology, and business opportunities. It has an unemployment rate of 3.3%, one of the lowest in the world. The city’s culture of work-life alignment makes it an attractive destination for professional expats and the business community. If you are looking to move to Munich with ease , here are 10 steps to help you with a fresh start.

A High Quality Of Life

Monocle, the urbane lifestyle magazine, named Munich as the most livable city in the world in 2018.because of its equal opportunities in terms of work and leisure. 

According to the 2020 Mercer Survey’s ranking of the world’s 209 most expensive cities, Munich stood in 72nd place. The average monthly cost of living without rent, according to Numbeo, is 872.44€, which is lower than that for Singapore (1,091.21€) or Amsterdam (917.80€). 

The overall vibe and infrastructure of the city offer a superior quality of life.

Relocate To Munich At An Affordable Cost 

Moving to Munich is quite seamless, especially if you access packages and services on offer to support students and working professionals who are looking to move here. A professional relocation package covers the following aspects:  

  • Open your bank account with ease
  • Register for health insurance – news for expats about the health care sytem after covid-19 here.
  • Find a place to live and provide support for rent deposit.
  • Apply for mobile contract
  • Pet care if you have one
  • Collect your Tax ID and much more

OCYAN supports Expats by providing them with free and fast access to tailored banking services, mobile contracts, liability insurance and much more in one click. Thus you don’t have to manage every single aspect separately.

With the right relocation partner, moving is much easier. 

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Make The Right Housing Choice 

Housing in Munich comes at a premium. A 900 square foot apartment in the heart of the city costs between 1,906€ to 2187€. If this falls outside of your budget, you can also consider living in the suburbs and commuting to work. 

Multiple Transportation Choices

Munich has a network of trams, trains, buses, and metro, which exude cleanliness and efficiency. Monthly and weekly passes are available for frequent travelers, which help you save costs. The approximate cost of a pass is between 55€ and 80€ per month. Another mode of transportation that is gaining popularity is cycling, as Munich has a well-defined cycling infrastructure, and it cuts down on traffic and parking hassles.

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Thriving Economic Climate For Expats

Munich is a great destination for those who have a high level of education and excel in the fields of IT, automotive engineering, aerospace, finance, life sciences, media, and publishing. If you want to succeed in one of these sectors moving to Munich is a great idea! Learning German is a good way to improve your chances of succeeding in the job market, neverthless this won’t prevent you to find a job anyway. Lots of international companies are based in Munich and english speraker are very welcomed.

Connect With Fellow Expats

As an expat in Munich, there are several organizations that empower expats to network and connect with each other. Toytown, Expat in the City, Meetup, Internations, and Professional Women’s Network (PWN) are some of the popular ones. Group activities like learning salsa, German classes, and exploring the city, will help open up your circles. 

Sample Bavarian Cuisine

Bavarian culture has its own unique cuisine, and when coupled with beer, is a big hit with the expat community. Some of the most popular dishes are Käsespätzle (egg noodles with cheese and caramelized onions), Knödel (Bavaria’s unique style of dumpling) and Weisswurst (a white color sausage). Since Munich has a large Turkish population you will also find fusion delights like kebabs sandwiches, which are a hit with the local population. Move to Munich sounds…yummy!

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Explore The City 

Munich has several attractions for expats. The traditional baroque architecture and museums are a treat to explore. The arresting state library has over 10 million books. Having a monarchial history, the grand Nymphenburg Palace is a popular tourist destination. If you enjoy exploring local culture, the city has several quaint marketplaces such as Viktualienmarkt, which come recommended.

A City For Party Animals 

The nightlife in Munich has lots to offer. The city has lots of cocktail bars, which take great pride in the beer they serve. If you move to Munich you’ll have a good mix of premium and high street bars and restaurants, which cater to every vibe and pocket-size for night owls. 

Enjoy The Adventure 

Munich offers several recreational activities for those who love the outdoors and want to get their adrenaline pumping! Some of these include walking tours around the city, surfing in the English Garden, a dip in the Feringasee lake in the summer, exploring the Flora Botanical Gardens, and abseiling in the Olympic stadium.

Relocating To Munich Made Simple

Munich makes for an eclectic experience for expats. It offers a high standard of life, and an opportunity to enjoy a mix of work, leisure, nightlife, and the outdoors. The city is safe, sustainable, and boasts of a growing expat community. It is also a thriving economy with great potential for those looking for international career opportunities.  

Are you ready to move to Munich? Contact the experts at ocyan.com to address all your banking, insurance, credit, and rental support! 

Fuerthermore, the best part about Ocyan is that it enables clients to bring their financial history along with you whenever you relocate. This enhances your financial credibility and trust with the bank.

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