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Moving house in the UK made easy – Introducing Monadd

Moving to UK

When moving house, there are a plethora of stressful tasks to undertake; the packing, the sorting through household items, and admin. Changing your address can sometimes be at the bottom of your priorities, however it is a crucial part of moving and can lead to an array of security issues if not done.

Ocyan is unlocking the power of secure and resilient data connections to enable cross-border inclusion. We aim to build reliable bridges among countries. Monadd is part of this project.

Monadd is an address changing service that makes organising your admin address simple. Here are some reasons why Ocyan is collaborating with Monadd: 

1. What is the evolution story of Monadd?

Monadd was created by Jessica Mendoza, who is the CEO of the company. Throughout her life, Jessica has lived in multiple cities in different countries; With every move came the cumbersome task of changing her address in order to have mail delivered to the right place. She explained “I have to re-register to vote, I worry about incurring late payment fees, and I don’t want to leave a paper trail behind. In addition, privacy issues arise with regard to misdelivered personal mail”. Jessica investigated the
market to see if there was already a solution out there which would help her organise her admin. The results found that there wasn’t.

adress updating - Monadd

At first, the idea of starting a business was not at the forefront of Jessica’s mind, but with the help of many volunteers and the assistance of the Virgin Startup’s Step Up programme, Monadd launched in January 2020. From this point, the success achieved has been immense, with more than 500 users and over 100 service providers using the app. Even though fewer people were using the service due to COVID-19, Jessica has rest assured that there are some ‘cool and quirky’ plans for the future.

2. What makes the brand different from its competitors?

Monadd uses AI to identify and automate the process of filling
out multiple forms in multiple places, and communicate directly with the services requested to get updated. They also only ask for minimal information, as they don’t store or collect data unnecessarily . Monadd are far more conscious on how they manage information in comparison to other businesses in the sector.

3. What are the main services that Monadd offer?

The main services that Monadd offer are simple:

  • Facilitates address updating and cancellation of services in multiple service providers at once
  • Allows users to choose which accounts to update or cancel
  • Progress can be monitored by users
  • Monadd is a UK based address changing service, however if you are moving to the UK from a different country our services can help you do that!

4. What are the advantages of customers using this service?

Change address in the UK - Monadd

There are a plethora of advantages of customers using Monadd. One advantage in particular is how time saving the service is; Users can update their addresses across all accounts on one app, meaning they do not have to communicate individually with each account separately. It also only takes five minutes to do so! Another perk is that it helps its users to reduce their carbon footprint . In the UK, distribution of products and household travel makes up 20% of emissions; by updating your address, users can help better their environmental impact.

Other key reasons why users should choose Monadd is:
● It helps reduce the risk of ID theft, which is a common crime when mail is delivered to the wrong address.
● Monadd can aid in improving users credit scores; Missed payments will be less likely when you receive your mail!
● Users can keep their electoral roll up to date.
● Respectful and secure data practices are used at Monadd, meaning YOU choose who to share details with.

5. What does the future look like for Monadd?

Monadd aim to offer their service to more regions outside of the UK; Their goal is to help as many people organise their admin address as possible. Not only will it help more people, but it will have a positive impact on the environment.

address changing service

Want to find out more about Monadd? Check out their:

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