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Moving To Frankfurt: A Relocation Guide

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Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany. It is rated as an ‘alpha world city’ according to the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. Frankfurt is a global hub for commerce, education, culture, tourism, and transportation. The city is also one of the major financial centers of the European continent. Moving to Frankfurt is advantageous for both expat students and workers. Frankfurt is an attractive destination for students across the globe. It is home to prestigious educational institutions like the Goethe University, the FUMPA, and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. With several international law firms, major banks and the second-largest stock exchange in Europe, the city is a magnet for high-profile professionals. 

Here is why relocating to Frankfurt may be an excellent idea:

High Standard Of Living

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In Frankfurt there is a high cost of living. This is justified by the high standard of living you can enjoy in the city. Moving to Frankfurt has many advantages. The unemployment rate is low and wages are high. Citizens in the city live far more comfortably than in many other parts of Europe. Many German higher education institutions don’t require students to pay tuition fees. Therefore, Frankfurt is a great option for international students as well.

Affordable Relocating Packages

Frankfurt is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative locations in Europe for international job seekers. If you’re considering immigrating to the city, hiring a professional relocation specialist can make your work easier and more cost-effective. Ocyan offers a financial relocation package for expats. Ocyan leads you effortlessly through the processes of getting your bank account, insurances, mobile contract etc. In addition, a unique service that brings your financial history along with you and stramline your loan application. All these services are available by subscribing for free at Ocyan. Moreover, you can benefit from free quotes and tailored solutions for everyone.

Ocyan financial relocation package

Housing Costs in Frankfurt

While living in Frankfurt can be extremely rewarding, finding affordable homes in the city can be a little tricky. However, with the help of a relocation portal, you can easily find different housing options. From unfurnished, furnished apartment to short and long term solutions you can find the perfect home. You could even choose to share a multi-room apartment with roommates to cut costs.

The Perfect Housing Solution At Hand

Moving to Frankfurt requires an initial nest egg for early days. In some cases you can’t afford the best housing solution for you. Either if your office or your college is near a top-rated area, or your liquid availability is limited, Ocyan makes the arrival to your new home a stress free one. The rental deposit support makes it more feasible for you to find a housing option in the location of your choice. How does it work? You pay a small annual premium to the insurance instead of paying the landlord a deposit of up to three months’ cold rent. Simply order online the guarantee certificate using the application form and give your landlord the certificate instead of the deposit.

Great Public Transport Connectivity

Transportation System Frankfurt
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Frankfurt has an extensive, well-connected public transport system with subways, trams, commuter trains, and buses running regularly across the city. Traveling by public transport is very cost-effective for medium-distance lines, and discounted tickets are available for groups and children. In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, all the cities in Germany, including Frankfurt, are taking strict precautions. This ensures the safety of the staff and passengers. 

Promising Career Opportunities

As an international hub of commerce and education, Frankfurt offers excellent job opportunities for well-qualified and experienced professionals. International students graduating from German universities also have bright prospects. Moving to Frankfurt is a great idea. It has been predicted that in the coming years, Frankfurt will witness steady demand for professionals in the medical, engineering, finance, and information technology fields. 

Variety Of Food

Restaurants in Frankfurt
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Frankfurt has a rich food culture, and you’re going to love it here if you’re a foodie! Ttraditional fares like kartoffelpuffer, sauerkraut, and spargelcremesuppe are available in the local restaurants easily. However, it’s not difficult to find international cuisine either. Even though German cuisine is meat-heavy, you don’t have to worry if you’re vegetarian or vegan. Kuli Alma, Zeil Kitchen and Balance Deli are some of the restaurants where you can find amazing vegan or vegetarian food.  

Local Landmarks & Attractions

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One of the leading tourist destinations in Germany, Frankfurt, has a vibrant cultural scene with exciting sight-seeing options for everyone. While nature lovers can explore the Rhine Valley area and the Taunus mountain range, those interested in German history can visit the Frankenstein Castle and Hessenpark. Do you love wine? If yes, the Rheinhessen wine region and the vineyards at Heppenheim are must-visit places for you! 

Thriving Night Life

Germans work hard and party harder! In addition to being a commercial hub, Frankfurt is also a city known for its jazzy nightlife and fine dining. Choose to spend your Saturday evening peacefully sipping a glass of wine and enjoying a quiet dinner or hit an all-night club and dance away till dawn breaks! There are many pubs and nightclubs in the city that make Frankfurt come alive in the evening hours. If you like to have fun, then moving to Munich is a good idea.

Stay Fit Always

Gyms in Frankfurt
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Finding time for physical activity in the modern world has become a challenge. The good thing is, you won’t need to worry about staying fit once you move to Frankfurt. The city offers numerous options for sports and recreational activities. Whether you prefer hitting the gym, going swimming, or practicing martial arts to get your daily dose of exercise, you’ll be able to find such venues in your locality easily. 

Making Relocating To Frankfurt Easier

Frankfurt is a city that welcomes expatriates from across the world. With a rich cultural heritage and booming economy, it is one of the best places to live in! While moving to a different country is exciting, a lack of proper planning could make it overwhelming. Ocyan, can make your move to Frankfurt hassle-free by providing you timely and cost-effective relocation services that are tailored to your unique needs. Just get in touch with our experts to know how we can help you! 

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