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Moving To Stuttgart? Here’s All You Need To Know!

Moving to Stuttgart

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Are you moving to Germany? Here’s one of our guides for expats. Get to know the major German cities, just like Stuttgart – finding a home, health insurance, mobile offers and other deals for expats. Lets’ connect

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About Stuttgart

If you have decided to settle down in Stuttgart, congratulations on the wonderful choice! While Stuttgart might not have the buzz of a Berlin or Munich, it is a delightful city and the capital of the southwest state of Baden-Württemberg. 

Lesser known is that it is a manufacturing hub – headquarters of Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. Stuttgart is a modern city with an old-town soul. It has an eclectic mix of green expanses, hiking trails and a vibrant nightlife.

Things To Do In Stuttgart

Stuttgart offers a cornucopia of sights and places to visit. The major tourist attractions in Stuttgart include the Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart Palace and St. John’s Church. There are also a lot of parks and green spaces to get your fill of nature like Neckar Park and Killesberg Park. 

For party aficionados, this quiet German town comes alive at night. There are plenty of bars, traditional German pubs (called kneipen), and clubs. Apart from beer, Stuttgart is famous for its excellent wine selections and friendly people willing to party. 

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Stuttgart expats community
Stuttgart Expats & Locals Facebook Page

Here are other useful links to join expats communities in Stuttgart:

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Cost Of Living In Stuttgart

Stuttgart is one of the most reasonable cities to live in, in Germany. The average cost of living for an individual is €1,785 and can rise to €3,454 for a family of four. 

The rent in a decent neighbourhood would be between 30-35% of monthly costs. Great food in Stuttgart is easily available. From delicious street stalls to expensive dine-in restaurants – you will also never be far away from the ubiquitous McDonalds! 

Finding A Home In Stuttgart

Stuttgart is home to many expats and is known for its calm and peaceful aura. It is a safe city, nestled within a valley, with picturesque residential neighbourhoods. The city centre, along with Stuttgart-West and Stuttgart-South are among the more expensive residential areas. 

If you’re still struggling, Ocyan gives you a list of useful links to check for renting in Germany, both for professionals and students.

Rents in Stuttgart are generally higher than other major cities in Germany and vary based on the location and type of accommodation chosen.  What if you find the perfect house solution but you can’t afford it because it’s near a top-rated area, or because your liquid availability is limited? No worries, Ocyan has the right solution for your problem! With the Rental Deposit Guarantee You pay a small premium to the insurance instead of paying the renter a deposit of up to three months’ cold rent. How does it work? Click here to know more about it.

Register Yourself In Stuttgart

All people moving to Stuttgart from another German city or from abroad need to register themselves within two weeks at a Citizens Service Center. For non-EU foreigners, registration is also required at the local Foreigners’ Registration Office. Addresses, phone numbers and more details can be found at the online Welcome Center Stuttgart. Expats looking to settle in Germany can also find useful information here.

Getting A Mobile Connection

Mobile offers Germany
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Whether you are an expat or a traveller exploring Germany, staying connected with your friends and family is everyone’s utmost priority. You can choose from a variety of service providers to get your German phone number. As a consumer, you will be able to choose between a contract or prepaid SIM card in Germany.

At the moment, there is a really cheap annual rate for casual surfers, travelers, or for those who finally want to get a Christmas present early enough! Subscribe for free at Ocyan to know more about it.

Opening A Bank Account

Opening a bank account in Germany is crucial for anyone looking to settle there. However, opening a bank account is a cumbersome and time-consuming task for most. Some of the documents required for opening a bank account are address proof, residency ID proof and your employment contract. 

Ocyan provides you with a hassle-free way to bank in Stuttgart, avoiding the paperwork and time hassles. There are many advantages:

  • No fee Charges
  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Real exchange rates

You can find more information on what you will need to open a bank account in Germany and all the great advantages here

Getting Health Insurance

Basic health insurance coverage is mandatory for all foreign nationals living in Germany. There are three different options for choosing your health insurance cover, Government Health Insurance (GKV), Private Health Insurance (PKV), or a combination of the two.

To ease your relocation process, you can now deal with this priority from the comfort of your home. By subscribing for free at Ocyan, you can avail health insurance in Germany even before you move there. Some of the advantages are:

  • On line application in English
  • Insured in Germany and all over Europe
  • Family Covered with just one contribution

To know more about the best health insurance in Germany and discover all the advantages, click here.

Using Public Transportation In Stuttgart

As with most German cities, public transport in Stuttgart is both reliable and cheap. The S-Bahn or commuter train connects Stuttgart with most other nearby towns and cities. The U-Bahn (more like a metro rail system) runs mainly between the city borders and some surrounding areas. Buses are used for short-distance connections and are equally as reliable as the trains. 

Tickets need to be bought before travelling in both the S-Bahn and U-Bahn. These need to be validated at machines available on the station. Bus tickets can be bought from vending machines at the bus stops or from the bus driver directly. VVS, the local travel authority, provides an excellent website in English that can help you plan your travel and book tickets online. 

Hello From Ocyan

Ocyan is a service provider that you can access from your mobile or laptop and gives you direct access to services and tasks that you need to know about when you’re moving to Germany. Anything from Health insurance and banking to even getting a new mobile contract, Ocyan is your go-to place.

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