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Relocating To Dusseldorf – Guide For Expats

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People relocate to Dusseldorf for the money, and they stay for the art. The city also has a thriving nightlife, making it a destination for those who like to work hard and party harder. There are numerous shopping venues, so you’re quite likely to find something that matches your taste and aesthetic sense. 

The city is known for its telecommunications, banking, and advertising sectors where career-focused expats can find their niche. The city offers opportunities in almost every field of endeavour.

Here is a short guide for those who are considering relocating to Dusseldorf- one of Germany’s wealthiest cities!

Cost Of Living Is Reasonable 

A single person can live in Dusseldorf at an estimated average monthly cost of €1,855. 

At this cost, you can enjoy a good standard of living. A dinner for two at an Italian restaurant in an expat area of the city which includes appetisers, main course, wine, and dessert would cost around €57. 

The cost of living in Dusseldorf is estimated to be 31.2% lower than in New York City. Similarly, it is slightly cheaper to live in Dusseldorf than it is in Berlin, but the difference is estimated to be marginal. 

Affordable Relocating Package

You can chose a relocating package that will help you get settled in Dusseldorf, especially if you are completely unfamiliar with the city. 

A relocation package will give you practical insight into the city and tell you about the process and timelines.

The main steps you need to take upon arriving in Dusseldorf are:

  • Find a place to live and provide support for rent deposit
  • Register your address with the authorities and collect your Tax ID – here’s how to do it
  • Register for health insurance – news for expats about the health care sytem after covid-19 here.
  • Open bank account
  • Apply for mobile contract
  • Pet care, if you have one

OCYAN supports Expats by providing them with free and fast access to tailored banking services, mobile contracts, liability insurance and much more in one click. Thus you don’t have to manage every single aspect separately.

With the right relocation partner, moving is much easier.

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Cost-Effective Renting Options 

The cost of housing in Dusseldorf depends on the locality in which you want to live.

You can rent a furnished 85 square meter apartment in an expensive area at an approximate cost of €1,435. On the other hand a similar apartment in a normal area would cost €1,071.

That is to say, the size of the apartment also plays a significant role in its cost. The level and quality of furnishing in the apartment is another factor that you need to consider, for instance.

Averagely priced areas to live in include Bilk, Pempelfort, and Darendorf, whereas the more expensive localities are Oberkassel and Carlstadt. 

You can take the help of rental deposit support to make renting easier on the pockets.

The Perfect Housing Solution At Hand

Relocating to Dusseldorf may dry up partially your piggy bank. Ocyan makes the arrival to your new home a stress free one. The rental deposit support makes it more feasible for you to find the perfect housing solution without make any compromises. How does it work? You pay a small annual premium to the insurance instead of paying the landlord a deposit of up to three months’ cold rent. Simply order online the guarantee certificate using the application form and give your landlord the certificate instead of the deposit.

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Great Public Transport 

public transport Dusseldorf
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Public transport is efficient and easy in Dusseldorf. You have the option of choosing between the buses, streetcars, and a subway (stadtbahn). 

You must pay the fare in euros. The exact fair depends on the distance you’re travelling and your means of transportation. 

Cycling is a great way to get around the city if you want to be careful about travelling during the pandemic, and at the same time, keep a check on your physical health.

Career Opportunities With High Potential 

English-speaking professionals can get jobs in the high-paying banking, telecommunications, and advertising sectors. Knowing German is not mandatory for a variety of jobs, but you can cast your net wider if you are familiar with the language. 

Other top professions for ex-pats include project management, sales management, and software engineering. 

Active Communities For Expats

Dusseldorf is considered to be the best city to live in for expats. Even though it is smaller in size than Berlin or Munich, the expat communities here are comparatively more active. 

There are several kinds of expat groups. The general ones are larger, for example, the Dusseldorf Expat Meetups. However, you can find specific groups that cater to your interests, such as drinking buddies or girls nights. Relocating to Dusseldorf really shakes your social life!

Diverse Range Of Food Options 

You can find all kinds of German food when relocating to Dusseldorf. The city also has several international cuisine restaurants for those who might be looking for something more familiar. You can take your pick of Italian, French, Indian, or Chinese restaurants. German street food options, such as pretzels and schnitzels are widely available. 

The city’s Altbier, which is a dark beer typically available in the city, is a must-try. 

Several Attractions & Landmarks

Königsallee, king's Avenue Dusseldorf
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Dusseldorf’s attractions offer something for everyone. For those looking to steep themselves in culture, Dusseldorf’s Old Town is remarkable to explore. If you’re looking for beauty, then you can’t go wrong with visiting or driving through Königsallee, which translates to King’s Avenue. The name says it all. 

Other places of particular prominence include the Rhine Embankment Promenade, the Schloss Benrath, the Rhine Tower, and more. 

Thriving Night Life 

Dusseldorf’s nightlife is not far behind those of the largest cities of the world. The Old Town is a popular nightlife destination, especially for those looking for the best beer. Popular options include Im Goldenen and Bar Engel. 

The Ratinger Strasse is home to numerous restaurants, clubs, and pubs. The Zur Uel is considered to be the most popular option in this area and is always packed with people. 

Several Options For Recreation & Fitness 

Keep fit Dusseldorf
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Dusseldorf is known as the garden city for good reason. The city’s parks and gardens leave nothing to be desired. 

The city is great for cyclists, and you will be joined by many others if you take your bike out on the town. Skiing on the Rhine? Swimming? Surfing? Skating? It’s all possible in this city. 

Taking Care Of Your Health Gets Easy 

Taking out health insurance is the best way to safeguard your health in Dusseldorf. The quality of healthcare in Dusseldorf is excellent, and you will be assured of the best treatment regardless of ailment. Get in touch with ocyan.com to find out more about health insurance options. 

Relocating To Dusseldorf Has Never Been Easier 

Dusseldorf is a cosmopolitan city that offers you a good blend of German and world culture. The city’s nightlife and recreation options are particularly attractive in addition to the relatively high standard of living. 

There are several types of employment opportunities available for English speakers. 

If you’re thinking of relocating to Dusseldorf, then subscribe for free on Ocyan and rely on experts for specifically-tailored help regarding rental support, insurance, banking, and credit. 

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