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Schools in Germany – Find Great (International) Schools for Your Children

Best schools in Germany

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Are your moving to Germany with your children? Here’s a useful guide to find great schools in Germany.

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Moving to Germany with children can sound like a big challenge. There’s the language, the customs, the new way of life to consider. And it’s   important to make sure that your child’s education is not compromised.

Fortunately, Germany is a great place for children. In fact, a 2020 study shows that it’s among the top 10 countries in the world for raising a family. 

Ocyan understands how important it is to understand the education system in Germany and choose just the right school. We’ve been helping expats live a rich, full life in Germany in many aspects. 

We don’t just help with everything to do with finance. We empower people to access local providers and manage their data in a clear and easy manner.

The German School System

In the education system in Germany, schools are state-run, without fees. There are many others that cater to the needs of expat children. 

International schools in the German school system have the advantage of letting children continue their education in a language they already know.

When you study in Germany, attending school is compulsory between 6 and 15. There’s primary school until age 10. Then, one of the four types of secondary or middle school. This is based on preference and performance.

If your child is not fluent in German, you could look at a school that offers German lessons. They will help your child integrate better in the German school system and keep up in higher education.

International School in Germany
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Be it Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Munich, or any other city, there are great schools in Germany. Here are some of them.


Berlin Brandenburg International School

This is one of the reputed private non-profit English schools in Germany. They accept students from lower school to senior school levels. 

BBIS has a low teacher-student ratio of 1:7. They follow an IB curriculum and are authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

As a first step, do check out the school blog of educational and extra-curricular activities. 

BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School GmbH

Schopfheimer Allee 10

14532 Kleinmachnow


E-mail: office@bbis.de

Berlin Bilingual School

Schools in Berlin
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BBS is a great choice for families raising their children with English and German. They offer primary and secondary education to make students not just bilingual but bi-literate.

There are students and educators from several nationalities here. They offer international as well as the Berlin State curricula.

You can read their mission statement, as well as a parent community blog.

Berlin Bilingual School

Weinstr. 1

10249 Berlin

Tel: 27582915



Schools in Hamburg
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This is an established middle and high school in which students learn a number of subjects in English. However, all other lessons are in German.

Fluency in German is necessary. It is a state-run school with the student body drawn from Hamburg itself.

You can watch some of their students speaking at an economic summit here.


Bogenstraße 32

20144 Hamburg

E-mail: info-hlg@bsb.hamburg.de

International School of Hamburg

The ISH has been pioneering education for over half a century. There’s an internationally-minded, multi-lingual student population here.

They offer International Primary Curriculum and IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.

There are a vibrant and welcoming community of teachers and students from many nationalities. You can find out more about parent involvement here.

International School of Hamburg

Hemmingstedter Weg 130

Hamburg, 22609 Germany

+49 (0) 40 8000 50 0

E-mail: info@ishamburg.org


European School

This is the only school in Munich where national languages ​​of all states of the European Union are taught. Classes range from kindergarten to high school. 

The teaching staff consists of highly qualified specialists from all over Europe. It is one of 14 schools in the system of the European Schools. It is legally recognised as an official educational establishment and jointly supervised by EU governments.

Here’s a review by an expat parent.

European School Munich

Elise-Aulinger-Straße 21

81739 Munich

Telephone: 089 – 62816 – 0

Bavarian International School

This is an English-language IB curriculum school in Germany that’s well regarded. 75% of the students here are from international families. 

They offer well-rounded and rich education in all subjects including the performing and visual arts. There are also athletics, service learning and after school activities

You can take a virtual campus tour here.

Bavarian International School

Haimhausen Campus

Hauptstrasse 1

D-85778 Haimhausen, Germany


Frankfurt International School

This institution’s teaching and learning practices are rooted in the International Baccalaureate Programme. The atmosphere is culturally diverse, with English as the principal language of instruction.

Education here is marked by a variety of innovative practices. Find out about opportunities for parent involvement here, and read a review by an expat parent here.

Frankfurt International School

An der Waldlust 15

61440 Oberursel, Germany

+49 (0)6171-2024-0

ISF International School

Schools in Frankfurt
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This is a part of the global SABIS school network. It’s another well-known English school in Germany. They offer English, American and international curricula.

The school has a rich history and a large variety of extra-curricular activities. Check out their thriving Facebook page, or see a few reviews here.

ISF International School 

Frankfurt Rhein–Main Verwaltungs-GmbH 

Strasse zur Internationalen Schule 33 

65931 Frankfurt am Main

+49 (0) 69 954319-710

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With Ocyan, you and your family can not only understand the fundamentals of the education system in Germany but also connect with people and businesses. To start a new life with ease. 

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