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The Best Bike Insurance Just 2 Minutes Away

Best Bike Insurance in Germany

Great news for bike lovers or occasional bikers. With Ocyan you can take stress-free trips with the quick access to e-bike and bike insurance. Covers against bike damages and bike theft. It’s time to hit the road!

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Germany may be known for its automobile industry, but its heart lies in biking. Cycling is an integral part of German culture. Walking down the streets, you’ll see people cycling to work, using them to run errands, or simply to stay healthy and fit. The culture of cycling has also promoted the rise of bike and other insurance companies in the country that provide security in simple and easy steps. Before we dive deeper into the importance of having bike insurance, let’s understand the bike culture of Deutschland. 

Cyclists’ Safety: A Top Priority

Cyclists may find themselves in a dangerous situation on German roads. A report by the Federal Statistics Office claimed that many cyclist had bad accident in road during the last year. They injured themselves and damaged their bikes. The Allgemeine Deutsche Fahrrad-Club (General German Biking Club, or ADFC) has been demanding equal space for cyclists on the road, forcing the government to introduce several new laws and initiatives. Among them, a €200 million in federal funding to create bicycle lanes on federal highways and bicycle-only paths. The government has also proposed new rules for cars, including increasing fines for parking on footpaths and bike paths and a speed limit of 30km/hr in the special zones. 

In order to promote the culture of cycling, the European Cyclist Federation, along with ADFC, has initiated a program under which people can get sustainable mobility options such as bikes and e-bikes financed. What’s more, an employee in Germany can also purchase a company bicycle free of income tax! 

Bike Adventure In Germany

Hit the road and discover some astonishing cycling trails in Germany. The country has some of the world’s most beautiful cycle paths in both cities and countryside to ride on with a mountain bike or an e bike, including the Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route, Elbe Cycle Route, 100 Castles Route, and Rhine Cycle Route. These cycle trails have their unique charms, such as the breath-taking views of the countryside around Münster city, the sparklingly clear water of the Baltic Sea, and the fairytale surroundings of the Rhine valley. Check out the German National Tourist Board website to see the complete list of cycle trails along with accommodations that you can rent while on a biking adventure.  

But before you peddle your way across the country, consider getting bike insurance!  

Why Is Bike Insurance Important?

Relocation to Germany can be overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been to the country before or don’t know German. Moreover, no amount of relocation support or other services can guarantee security to you or your belongings, unless you get them insured. That is why having hassle-free insurance in a language you understand is a must. To help you enjoy full financial security, and reduce stress in difficult times, look for a comprehensive insurance policy. 

Subscribe for free on OCYAN and get a free quote from the best insurance provider in Germany. 

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Bike Insurance: A Growing Necessity

If you have a bicycle, then having bike insurance is a must. That is because having a bicycle makes you vulnerable to theft. To be safe than sorry, it is a must to have your bicycle insured against theft, partial theft of bike parts, and vandalism.

Luckily, bike insurance is easily available and not that expensive. Companies like Coya are the best insurance provider in Germany, especially when relocating from a foreign land. Coya offers universal access to your insurance policies, including dog liability insurance, pet health and other personal liability. 

More particularly, Coya provides an unmatched insurance policy against bike and e-bike theft so that your biking adventure never stops. Coya is a leading provider of insurance that combines technology and insurance to conveniently protect its customers whenever and wherever they are. Licensed by BaFin, it provides a range of insurances in three simple steps: 

  • Register for free by entering all the details. Based on your response, you’ll get a personal quote in under 2 minutes.
  • Customize and adjust your coverage depending upon your needs and set up your account.
  • That’s it. You’ll find all the relevant documents in your digital Coya account.

Plans start at € 4.41 / month.

Advantages of Customers Using Coya

Bike insurance plans by Coya are highly customizable and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

Subscribe for free on OCYAN and access Coya to benefit from:

  • Free online quote
  • Insurance in 2 minutes
  • No additional papers
  • Tailored policies
  • Claim in seconds
  • Anytime cancellation policy
  • English-speaking customer support

Where to Buy Bikes in Germany?

There are numerous online websites that you can browse to choose and customize your bike. MHW-Bike is a leading bike seller in Southern Germany with over 5,000 bikes such as road bikes, mountain bikes (MTB), a fully, and hardtails. Some other options to buy bikes in Germany are hibike, Bikester, and Bike-discount.

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