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Want To Join A Sports Club In Germany? Read This!

Sports clubs in Germany

“Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich, Frei”

That means, ‘fresh, pious, cheerful, free’ – it was the inscription at the gable of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. Who was he? The person who we should thank for the widespread sports culture in Germany. He opened the first open-air gymnastics field back in 1811, which kickstarted the sports movement in Deutschland. 

You can take sports out of Germany, but you cannot take Germany out of sports. That’s how important sports are to the country! The sports scene in the country is super active, which makes it a must to join sports clubs. It is one of the best ways to meet new people, especially for ex-pats, and a great way to keep fit for a healthy lifestyle. They work as a guide for ex-pats to get to know the country and its people well.

Do you have questions about sports clubs and how to join a club? Which sport do you play? Which sports club should you join? Let’s answer all these questions and more!

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Most Popular Sports In Germany & Which One To Pick

There are some exciting sports that are popular in Germany. Fußball or football (also known as soccer) is the most-preferred (let’s say about 10% of the Germans are associated with football in some way!). 

Followed by golf (ideal if your piggy bank is quite full), eishockey (ice hockey), and basketball, the list of sports that Germans play is never-ending. Formel 1 (Formula 1), skiing, tennis, and other sports with large followings in Germany. 

So which one do you pick? Before you decide, decide whether you are a team player or a solo player. If you love playing with people, then these are the best picks:

  • Football
  • Eishockey/hockey
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Tennis

If you are someone who enjoys engaging in sports on your own, then try these out:

  • Golf
  • Skiing
  • Cycling
  • Boxing

Don’t forget to get health insurance that covers sports injuries before you join. OCYAN supports Expats by providing them with free and fast access to tailored health insurance, banking services, mobile contracts and much more in one click.

Decided? Now let’s talk about the sports clubs!

Top Sports Clubs In Germany You Can Join

A sports club, known as ‘vereine‘ locally, is a BIG THING! More than 87,000 sports clubs are associated with the German Sports Federation, with millions of members! Do you want to join a sports club? Here are five of the best clubs to join:

1. FC Bayern Munich

Sport: Football

Location: Munich

With a loyal membership base of about 3lakh sports enthusiasts, Bayern Munich is easily the best-supported sports club in Germany.

2. Hamburger Golf Club

Sport: Golf 

Location: Hamburg

A sports club with a quiet, beautiful, and one of the best golf courses in the Fatherland. The golf course is, for most, the place where the mind is at peace!

3. Frankfurt Ski, Snowboard, Sports & Socials Club

Sport: Skiing

Location: Frankfurt

More than 50 years old, the sports club has ski trips and socials! Win-win!

4. Berliner Hockey Club eV – Tennis

Sport: Hockey

Location: Berlin

Hockey, tennis, and lacrosse! An all in one club! It has some of the most famous German hockey families as its members.

5. Berlin Hash House Harriers

Sport: Multiple

Location: Berlin

This club does it all on a bright Sunday afternoon. So if you aren’t sure of which sport to play and are exploring, get in!

The average cost of sports club membership in Germany varies from sport to sport. It could be anywhere between €40 – €150 annually for joining a club.

The Need For Health Insurance To Cover Sports Injuries

Germany has a sports culture, with almost all sports being risk-prone. While health insurance is mandatory, your insurance policy may not cover costs for treatment arising out of a sports injury. The cost of healthcare is high in Germany so having health insurance that covers sports injuries is essential.

Health insurance is mandatory for everyone living in Germany – Click to read News For Expats about the Germany’s Health Care System After COVID-19.

Be careful as most health insurance plans do not cover extreme sports, but for adrenaline junkies, having a plan that covers that is a must. It also offers you an ease of mind along with other benefits like in-patient cover, hospital cashback, out-patient cover, diagnostics, etc.

Be A Sport! Join The Club!

Don’t forget to ask your neighbors what sports club they are members of. You don’t have to join the most popular ones; you can just join the local sports club. But don’t forget to join sports clubs as they are an important part of the culture of the country. There are clubs for curling, square dancing, hiking, and almost every other sport in Germany! Some are specially tailored for migrants and refugees too!

Join a sports club today! Get those endorphins out, make new friends, and enjoy Germany to the fullest. But don’t forget to get health insurance that covers sports injuries. Think about the future! Then, go play like there is no tomorrow!

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