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1Free Quote
2Open an account in minutes online or over the phone
3Excellent exchange rates with no hidden fees

Transfer Money

Ocyan understands that emigrating is the adventure of a lifetime. We want to make sure you live this adventure to the fullest. International moves can involve various monetary decisions ranging from investment in foreign property, to international money transfer and moving savings. A help from a trustworthy source can help you make informed decisions.
Ocyan wants to secure its users to rely upon a secure and money- saving service. Conducting transfers without charging transfer fees means saving money which could be spent enjoying your new life abroad.

Ocyan partnered with TorFX to offer the best foreign exchange rate to expats.
TorFX is a portal that has been providing excellent foreign exchange and international payments for over 10 years. It is authorised by the FCA.

Access TorFX through Ocyan and discover all the advantages!

  • Free Quote
  • Open an account in minutes online or over the phone
  • Excellent exchange rates with no hidden fees
  • Secure an exchange rate online or with your Account Manager
  • Send the funds to exchange and Torfx does the rest
  • Rate improver guarantee

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