Ocyan- about us. The financial marketplace for Expats

Ocyan was founded with the vision of a future where the access of data is ubiquitous, free, and fair. Today, Ocyan is unlocking the power of secure and resilient data connections to enable cross-border financial inclusion.

With our financial marketplace for expats you can avail of a vast gamut of products and access tailored solutions along with special promotions for Ocyan users.

Our team constantly works to support you during your move. We deal with reliable companies in the financial sector to offer expats the best options at fair prices. All of this is possible by using the Ocyan’s web app. Everything you need in one place with just your mobile phone or laptop.

Ocyan now offers financial services for expats all over Europe.
Our vast network of partners is expanding. You can benefit from a brand new web app when relocating to any European country.

Our service welcomes everyone – from its launch, in September 2020, Ocyan has already helped 900 expats. Start your expat journey with us. Enter Ocyan now. Free, immediately.

Ocyan Team
Here at Ocyan, we are all expats. 

We understand you when it comes to moving from your home country to a new destination. Of course, this is only possible because we have already been through this process and we all have the same motivation now: help other expats. 

CEO & Co-founder at Ocyan

Evangelos Pappas

CEO & Co-Founder

CTO & Co-Founder at Ocyan

Gabriele Cacciola

CTO & Co-Founder


Marcello Romani


Digital marketer

Carmen Guido

Digital Marketer


Francesco Fucile


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Edinburgh, United Kingdom,

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