Hello from Ocyan

Why we are building Ocyan

Enter Ocyan Cloud

Ocyan was founded with the belief that a future where innovations are based on decentralized networks is more interesting than one where they are not. Today, Ocyan is actively developing Blockchain & Cloud Innovation to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of enabling any kind of business to trade first over a decentralized network.

Our Vision
Organisations around the world will trust us when they think of a Blockchain enabler. We make Blockchain solutions easier, sounder and scalable, helping businesses take decisions and trade on a decentralized network.

Our Strategy

End to end cloud-native infrastructure and analytics for enterprise-ready blockchain applications

As more and more organizations are shifting to Blockchain/DLT integrations, the need for scalable infrastructure solutions is growing. Organizations are finding that their legacy and DIY approaches don’t provide the comprehensive quality and scalability they require anymore. This, combined with the lack of insight and cloud-native integrated platforms that can connect the business operations and data across multiple managed services and APIs with DLT networks, makes it difficult to monitor, understand and implement applications that interact with any decentralized environment.

The Solution
Ocyan is a cloud-managed solution that provides all the required infrastructure, automation, monitoring, integrations and analytics, beyond just a Blockchain as a Service, to give organizations the ability to bridge the visibility, ease to integrate and scale across their cloud architectures to any DLT/Blockchain network. Because modern applications are distributed with business operations and data spread across multiple managed services and APIs, automating the required DLT nodes is not enough. Ocyan provides the ability to scale instantly and gain deeper insights into application’s interaction with any DLT integration.