How to become a German resident?

Register your address

Once you’ve arrived and you’ve found a place that suits your needs, the next step is registering as a German resident.

How do I become a german resident?

It’s a straightforward process. Within 14 days of your move, you are required to register at your local Council Office (Bürgeramt or citizen office). Each city has its own office, so to find the right number to call you will have to google for “anmeldung [your city]”. Depending on the office you may find similar descriptions for this registration process as “Anmeldebestätigung”, “Meldebescheinigung” or “Einwohnermeldeamt”. During Covid- 19 the appointments schedule may depend on the number of people who applied.


What you will be requested to provide at your meeting:

  • a valid ID, eg passport or EU ID
  • a civil status certificate (if it applies) (Personenstandsurkunde)
  • A signed confirmation from your landlord, confirming you have moved in (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)
  • Registration form (Anmeldeformular)

If you are unable to find accommodation within 14 days, you are not alone. With language issues to finding the perfect accommodation in terms of location, rent, and utilities, house hunting can be strenuous. Add to it, you cannot list a hotel to register your address in Germany.

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