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What are the advantages?

Liquidity and financial freedom with the rent deposit scheme.

1Apply for rent guarantee online, in a few minutes
2Deposit guarantee for a new rental
3Replace your current, already paid, deposit

Rental Deposit Guarantee

As an international traveller, it is well known that finding a place where to live in Germany is not that easy. Paperwork and cash deposit as rental advance can be challenging.The landlord may ask you to provide three months’ worth rent as your deposit! On top of that, rental deposit guarantee is the best solution for a stress-free arrival in your new home. How does it work? You pay a small annual premium to the insurance instead of paying the renter a deposit of up to three months’ cold rent. Simply order online the guarantee certificate using the application form and give your householder the certificate instead of the deposit.

Ocyan has chosen Kautionsfrei as the rental deposit insurance partner.
Access Kautiosfrei through Ocyan and discover all the advantages, such as:

  • Apply for rent deposit assistance
  • Apply for rent guarantee online, in a few minutes
  • Deposit guarantee for a new rental
  • Replace your current, already paid, deposit.
  • You pay an annual fee of only 5.25% of the deposit amount for our service. For example, instead of having to pay a deposit of €2200 in one go, you only pay €9,60 per month as a contribution.



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