How Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is Driving innovation & collaboration

One of the most promising aspects of blockchain technology is its capacity to reduce friction and make it easier for parties to interact and engage with trust and transparency.

The impact of Blockchain & DLT doesn’t just extend to the external edges of a any financial firm, but it also reaches within. While the industry is shifting to use DLT as the single source of truth, you still need to deliver the necessary integrations as backwards compatible as well as thinking about how they will enable future capabilities and business models.

Ocyan - FinTech

A high level diagram of how Ocyan integrates and connects with any DLT network with your cloud infrastructure.

Enter Ocyan

The value that Ocyan provides to your decision in integrating with a decentralized network, is the ability to inter operate your cloud infrastructure, applications and infrastructure between any setup DLT setup.

Through Ocyan, you are receiving the services of a platform, that builds the connections between your local-managed nodes, with your applications. Offering a standardization of API, data structure, monitoring, logging and data indexing.